Creating a free account

It’s free to create an account .

Logging in enables the platform features. You can immediately begin posting/replying. The forum can show you what’s new since your last visit, has configurable notifications, and can send you email digests of new topics.

Where is the Podcast?

The Movers Mindset podcast is available wherever you normally listen to podcasts. Just search for Movers Mindset.

You can also simply listen here on this site. Each episode has a topic tagged Podcast Episodes.

How do I reach a person?

There is a group of people in this Forum called the Movers Mindset Team. Click on this, @mm_team to view the group’s card. If you are logged in, you can then click on the [Message] button. You can also simply type @mm_team in any post, and Discourse will notify all the team members automatically.