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What is this forum?

Movers Mindset examines the nature and philosophy of movement by exploring themes like independence, self-direction, and human excellence. The goal of the Movers Mindset Forum is to facilitate self-improvement. In the Forum we focus on movement as a mastery practice and highlight the processes of discovery and reflection. The Forum provides the opportunity to interact with and learn from podcast guests, athletes, experts, and like-minded others.

How to join

Movers Mindset membership, which includes access to this forum, is $5 per month. To join now, https://moversmindset.com/signup

You can also read more about becoming a Movers Mindset member.

Public content

In this Forum members have access to…

  • Blogging — Members can publicly publish their own writing. It’s also easy to download everything you’ve written, so you’re not locked into our platform; it’s just as easy to leave, as it is to get started.

  • Discussion panels — Participate in the discussion panels by interacting with Movers Mindset and the panelists before the event, and then watch and ask questions during the panel. The past Movers Mindset discussion panels are tagged discussion-panels and can be viewed shortly after they are finished.

  • Athletes’ answers — Read answers to training-related questions we collect from athletes. Some of the athletes are also in the Forum so you can interact directly as well.

  • Podcast guests — Many of the podcast guests are in the Forum, enabling you to interact after their episode. We also collect questions from the Forum for follow-ups with some of the guests.

  • Connection — Discuss important issues with the Movers Mindset team and other like-minded Forum members. Let’s change the world by supporting and extending the positive influence of a culture of movement.

Members-only web site

Movers Mindset membership also includes full access to the members-only web site. The members-only web site is https://members.moversmindset.com/

Ready for more?

To join now, https://moversmindset.com/signup, or you can read more about becoming a Movers Mindset member.

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