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Virtual Conversation

Luke Albrecht’s life revolves around parkour. He has been training it for 15 years, is a coach at Path Movement, and a sponsored athlete with American Parkour. Luke’s passion for parkour and movement has shaped and transformed his life, and he shares that transformation with as many people as possible.

Childhood role of movement

Interesting childhood; Russian orphan adopted by an American family at 2 years old — No early contact, touch, effects of that — ADHD as a kid, so very active — Parents put him in gymnastics to channel energy, he loved it —Loved moving and climbing as a kid — But, didn’t really connect with others, solo activities — Movement became a social thing for him in high school, through parkour — Parkour’s nature, authentic, sincere; can’t fake it — Socially forces you to be authentic with your training partners, organically social by being together in the experience —

First parkour inspiration

Michael Hartwig Started parkour scene in Wisconsin — Luke stopped training gymnastics and started coaching instead. Introduced to parkour through people training at gymnastics open gym. Michael started teaching him, Luke really connected. First real friend, opening up and connecting.

Capturing training

YouTube used to be the thing, longer videos — Used to include clips of everyone he trained with. Instagram is different, intentionally personal training journal, outlet where people can just follow him if they’re interested in his movement — YouTube video are still including everyone. Experiences of ambient sound vs music in videos — YouTUbe videos are more artistic and creative; cutting editing, choosing songs. Instagram doesn’t need to have all that; much more raw — Limited length of videos changes the medium; non realistic look of what parkour training is — More of a training journal, realistic, accessible, showing what parkour can be rather than just crazy reels — Goal to inspire to movement — Just go train, environment dictates ideas, then film it (preferably have training buddies film rather than tripod) — Enjoys capturing his movement as art, his media is an art museum of works he’s created — Reviewing, looking back through his own movement, reflecting on different seasons and ideas — Effects of filming movement on his progression, growth, and experience — Shaping his movement vocabulary through studying his movement

What do you want to talk about

What parkour is and does for him — His Why, how parkour has become his whole life — ADHD hyperfocus on whatever he’s doing (art, songwriting, etc), but same with Parkour; immersed, consumed, in the present — Fulfilling to be able to problem solve, simply be involved, challenge — Never plateaued; mindset as part of that — Finding your own path, one of few sports where you can do that — Anyone can benefit from it because it’s what you make it

Definition of parkour

Philosophical route: movement, navigating environment, since the dawn of time — Concrete definition: Discipline, practice, sport, training for movement — Moving smoothly and effectively through your environment — Parkour is something different for everyone

Journey of Parkour

Does everyone go fully on the journey to reflection? — Parkour isn’t something you can do haphazardly; you can’t just go out and replicate it — Takes thought, intention, preparation, training — Everyone has a why — you don’t really start recklessly, you make an intentional decision — Parkour is addicting, often immediately get hooked and then transform their lives — embodied movement, environment interaction

Hobbies and focus

More bouldering… climbing is something that would need full focus and dedication to be good at it — Hobbies? Hanging out with people, something you don’t need to be good at — When doing something he goes all in, so just doing small talk is tough for him — write music as a hobby, not regularly; must be consumed with an idea, wait for inspiration — Flow states and focus, allowing you to rest your brain from multitasking — refreshing to be fully immersed, restorative, oneness and peace

Message for the world

Don’t hold back — You only live for 80-90 years, there’s SO MUCH to explore — The whole world out there, you only have a tiny limited time to experience what you can — Try things, be adventurous, explore… activities, experiences, hobbies — Get as much out of you limited time as you can — Don’t let fear or comfort trap you — There’s so many things to explore, ideas, experiences — Pursue things, anything that interests you

Anywhere in the world…?

The middle east — Visited Jordan and Jerusalem in 2012; loved it — wants to return NOW, with all the growth he’s had and see things with fresh eyes — Also loved the environment, the culture, the people — Beauty and love within the conflict — Pleasant and joyful

Contact and further info

You can follow Luke’s movement on instagram (@bringeroflight5853) and YouTube (Luke Albrecht). Luke is also a coach at Path Movement in Colorado, and is an American Parkour Sponsored Athlete.

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To strange to not mention…

I have a friend who lives in Littleton CO. Ok, that’s not a big deal. This friend is not a parkour-friend… an old friend, a friend of many shared interests, but he’s not into parkour himself.

3 hours after I talk with Luke, my friend emails me—out of the blue—and asks if this random parkour gym near him he just stumbled over would be an ok place to take his daughter… my friend obviously knows who I am, and what I’m into.

And he sends me a link to Path Movement.

Someone’s messin’ with me . . .

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Talking about this today in the Campfire…

Luke recently wrote an article for APK about parkour moves in video games that everyone can try…