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Howard ‘Cosmo’ Palmer is a self-care, meditation, and wellness advocate. Born in Jamaica, and currently living in Colorado, Cosmo uses his mindfulness and meditation practices to balance his other responsibilities: engineering, parkour, and yoga. He is passionate about helping others improve their lives through intentional, peaceful daily actions.

Childhood role of movement

Diagnosed with heart problems shortly after being born. Two open heart surgeries at a young age, spent 5 years in the hospital. Also had a stroke, lost function on the left side of the body. He was not expected to live, let alone move normally, freely. But lived on a farm, and spent a lot of time outdoors, movement was showing freedom from sickness, pain. Finding balance between movement and rest important for recovery and lifestyle. Body awareness from a young age. Transitioning from hospital to farm, photographic memory, and image memories from that time. Growing up on the farm, being chased by chickens. Trauma has been a large part of life, but allowing it to help him get better.

Changing your default

You are what you perceive; changing habits can change who you are. ‘You’ are always evolving; it’s not just two different ‘you’s.’ Change is possible, both good and bad. But is your intention for the betterment?

Personal intentions

Example to the world, of what’s possible. Legacy, yes, but always evolving. Authenticity and honesty for himself, what is safe for him. Movers Mindset as a great example of connecting the mind and body; Movement with mindfulness; strong, useful, conscious . His ‘deathwalk,’ leading to inevitability, but looking back on his life. Balancing with everything else, life, adulting. Accepting the journey, riding the wave, ‘when preparation meets opportunity.’ Here for our purpose.


Interest came from learning more about himself, various signs. Cosmic astrology, balancing masculine and feminine. Keeping view of the larger picture, different energies, to help balance daily life. Russian cosmonauts, the space within yourself. Being able to protect himself inwardly and outwardly. Finding racism in America as a child, not understanding it. Cosmonaut as a character, focusing on the inward, without letting the external affect him, meant for others to be able to see themselves as cosmonauts. Finding yourself in a space, being thankful. Cosmonaut simply about being the better version of yourself, and your cosmic self as a body, larger than you, but also you.

Heroes and inspiration

Many examples; Bruce Lee as an example, philosopher and physicality. Teachers in school, Miss Evans, learning from mistakes, moving forward. Bullying in school, 5th grade teacher, “if you don’t learn who you are, you’ll always be uncomfortable.” One family who took him in when he needed family, recognizing his need without him expressing it. His partner his opposite, but couldn’t have asked for it. Overall, teachers as a huge inspiration for the support and growth they facilitate.

Encouraging engaging

Learned skill of engaging; introvert who became comfortable with it. Find the things that bring you joy; those are easy to talk about. The right space to express things is also important, that energy will be helpful. Finding a healthy way, and space to express yourself.

Recommendations and further contact

The Mindful Athlete (George Mumford), a good book to read. To learn more about Cosmo, you can follow him on instagram (@onlyblackcosmonaut).

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