Video interview: John 'Hedge' Hall

John Hall, more commonly known as Hedge (@Hedge), is the founder and managing director of Access Parkour in Scotland. He is also the chairperson for the European Art of Retreat. Hedge is passionate about making parkour and physical activity accessible for all people and building healthy, sustainable communities of people with shared values.

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Contact and further info

To learn more about Access parkour and their community, visit their website (, and you can follow Hedge on instagram (@accesshedgehog).

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My blog post today was inspired by this conversation with Hedge. :slight_smile:

Always happy to inspire people to consider and reflect. My mornings used to be a well-controlled ritual designed to get me to work in the right frame of mind. That’s serving me well right now as I spend most mornings active and engaged in projects and striving towards my goals. I struggle with daily reflection. Preferring to set time aside monthly to reflect and set longer goals. I worry that a daily reflection might lead to too much dithering on my part.

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