Using the search feature

Discourse (the software running this web site) has an extremely powerful search feature.

Click the :mag: magnifying-glass icon — it’s in the upper-right, next to the ≡ menu icon…

Find a word

You can type and it will search in real time…

Find a person

If the word you start typing is also a username, it will offer you matching Topics, and a column for any matching users.

If want to find things posted by a user, type “@” and start typing a username. Discourse will offer you auto-completion options which you can click/touch…

Find in a specific category

You can type “#” and a category—start typing # and you can auto-complete the category name. So, if you want posts with word “bookmark” in this How To Discourse category, you can type bookmark #dis and at that point it will suggest the How To Discourse category. Click, (or tab), and you’ll get posts in the category containing “bookmark”.

Find an exact phrase

You can put quotes " around a phrase and it will find that exact phrase.

"really specific words"

…matches that phrase, not just “really” and “specific” and “words” in a post.

Power searching

You can often find people’s specific Topics if you can guess a word of the title:

#in @craig word

…type “#in” choose the introduction category from completion suggestion, then type “@cr” and pick craig type “word” finds post by me in that particular category which contain “word”.

Advanced search options

There’s more! Check out the options link in the Search feature:


If you have questions, click here and we’ll be happy to help.