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The software which runs this web site is called “Discourse.”

Where is the Podcast?

Now in its fourth season, the Movers Mindset podcast is available wherever you normally listen to podcasts. Just search for Movers Mindset. You can also find more information on each episode in the Podcast Episodes tag right here in the forum. (Aug 2020: We’re working on adding inline players to all of those pages here in the Forum.) You can also find a tight listing of every episode’s title with a brief summary on the Episode Directory page if you want to just stream them from our web site.

How do I reach a person?

There is a group of people in this Forum called the Movers Mindset Team. Click on this @mm_team to view the group’s card, and then click on the [Message] button. You can also simply type @mm_team in any post, and Discourse will notify all the team members automatically.

Direct messaging

Discourse has a private messaging system built-in. Click on your avatar-menu (your photo, or your initial on a colored background) in the top-right. You’ll find a mail-envelope-icon. Direct messages (sometimes shortened to just “dm”) can only be seen by you and the recipient.

Bookmarks within Discourse

See the topic about the Bookmark Feature.

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