Stone Locals

I just finished up Patagona’s “Stone Locals,” a documentary examining climbers’ intersection of family, practice, art, and life. Totally up the movers mindset’ alley. I posted elsewhere: “I was moved by the stories behind many of the climbing ‘locals’. A reminder that climbing is neither about the highest ascents, tough grades, or big walls - especially in a time when Alex Honnold’s Free Solo has spurred public conversation about risk nor about the Insta-famous athletes that step into the spotlight.”

Stone Locals also reminded me of @Craig, the MM team, and the importance of storytelling. So many of us have parkour/movement interwoven with the complexities of our personal experiences. I hold a deep appreciation towards the movers mindset podcast for shedding light on some of the connections we anchor to our movement practices.

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…just watched, thank you for sharing this @alan! :slight_smile: