Seeking passionate other…

Passionate podcaster with 100+ hours of podcasts and piles of transcripts seeks passionate other who wants to help extract meaning. Writing experience a plus—but not required. Interested?

I’ve been sprinkling that Lonely Hearts inspired call in a few different places. Time to also drop it here…

I’m interested in finding someone who is passionate about grabbing ideas and threads from our raw material (so to speak) and weaving that into new things.

The Movers Mindset project is up to 85 podcast episodes, with transcripts available for most of them.

I’ve always wanted to dig more out of the episodes; insights, quotes and ideas. We’ve considered out-sourcing having an entire, feature-length article written from each episode, but I feel it would be more interesting to work on smaller writing pieces; either an idea taken from within one episode, or to follow an idea/thread/theme across multiple episodes.

I’m looking for someone who, upon looking at what we’ve created so far, says they see what needs to be written. Although I’ve my own ideas of what I think could be written, there’s a lot of leeway in there for the person to influence what Movers Mindset creates. It would definitely be a flexible role.


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