Questions about podcast recording

Since you asked….

Whats new in audacity latest version Setting up a zoom interview with best chance to get good levels and quality from guest( presets on their zoom account necessary?)

Best back up method for zoom calls or at least a run through of simplest options with break dow of “how to” i have heard audio hijack great way to go.

“ how you communicate” with third provider of editing… how you make. Lear to then what you want…

Just some ideas Carole

In that original thread, I meant questions about Movers Mindset and the long journey of getting to 100 podcasts… :slight_smile:

I don’t know. I don’t use Audacity…

For the short-form conversations which I record for Movers Mindset, (how I do them is covered in, How to be a guest on Movers Mindset) I do use Zoom, yes. I’m not concerned about the audio quality so much as I’m concerned about easy-of-use for the guests. Since I’m not worrying about quality, I don’t bother walking people through fiddling with the Zoom settings on their end—I just disable Zoom’s automatic-mic-level-feature on my side, and ensure I have the separate-audio-tracks turned on.

I don’t even bother. I either get a recording from Zoom, or I don’t. I’m not doing prep-work or post production on the MM short-form episodes. So if it doesn’t work in the scheduled half-hour, I’ve not wasted/lost much.

Covered in detail in, Process process process