No smiles

We left feeling sorry for the whole thing. The people who worked at the theater weren’t trained to know how to deal with the problem. They probably weren’t empowered to do anything about it anyway. The technical staff apparently doesn’t work on the premises. The guy at the box office wanted to help, but wasn’t granted the power to do anything. And the manager, who was last in the line of misery, to have to manually, and slowly, process dozens of refunds on his own. No smiles entered the picture.

~ Jason Fried from,

This is a delightful anecdote which highlights a key element of what we are doing in the Movers Mindset project. We are trying to stay closely engaged with the people we are serving. In order to do that, we can’t use fractured communications mediums (like Instagram direct-messaging, Facebook messenger, and so on) — there’s simply no way I would be able to interact with a meaningful number of people if I had to check a dozen different communication mediums every day. Generally, this is referred to as the Network Effect; the value of the network increases dramatically (non-linearly that is) as the number of people in it increases. So my maintaining (I don’t do this, but if I did…) my participation in many different networks would be needed to reach people.

Instead, I have focused on creating a functioning space where people of like mind can gather and communicate. The challenge is not that the network needs to reach a certain size to be “useful.” No, already one person there can interact with another person and get the full value out of that interaction.


Meanwhile I check messages across ten different apps a day. I wonder what would happen if I stopped.

You’d save some time.
You’d move away from the dopamine feedback loop. (I know you don’t want to reinforce the dopamine loop, but it’s not possible to avoid it.)

You’d miss some communications.

Can you assess the pros/cons of each platform individually?

Exit from the platforms where the con’s clearly outweigh the pro’s.
(“I can’t remember ever getting a useful engagement on this platform…” ? …drop it. For example, this is why I/MoversMindset are not on Twitter.)

For the remaining platforms—the ones clearly “pro”, and the ones you can’t really decide about and so the guilt or FOMO keeps you there—find the one with the SMALLEST pro; that’s the one you’re wasting the most percentage of time on. Figure out how to shift that to something your team manages. Then stop going to that platform.

Doing the smallest one first is a snowball effect. You get a small win-back of time, and one less thing you’re doing. You’re also fiddling with a very low-use communication platform, so you’re not gambling with much.