Music, or no?

Two years ago I nearly became a runner. I was starting to run short distances pretty often. And I was always running with a specific music playlist.

But that’s the only activity I do with music— hiking, biking, rock-climbing… no music. Parkour? Absolutely not, because I need to hear the noises I’m making as part of the feedback. (Am I landing softly? What rhythms am I generating? How’s my breathing? AM I breathing?)

So: Music?

  • always
  • sometimes
  • never

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I’ve been pretty anti-music for any sort of exercise or training for as long as I remember, really. As much of a music-lover as I am, I really value the raw sound of movement, nature, or a weight room if I’m in a gym. Specifically for parkour, I feel like having a speaker blasting music while you’re training draws unnecessary and sometimes negative attention your way.