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Luke Albrecht

This week I had a terrific conversation with Luke Albrecht. I was all set to head to Colorado for a batch of fresh podcast in-person recordings… and then, fires and heat wave happened on top of everything else. So Luke and I hopped on the 'ol Internet instead for a preview of a full-on podcast episode.

Conversation notes, contact info, and full video stream is all free, at Virtual with Luke Albrecht

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Luke Albrecht’s life revolves around parkour. He has been training it for 15 years, is a coach at Path Movement, and a sponsored athlete with American Parkour. Luke’s passion for parkour and movement has shaped and transformed his life, and he shares that transformation with as many people as possible.

Random bits

Cool instagram post I liked this week:

New thing we’ll be looking into further:

Jesse Danger continues changing the world one project at a time:

Lydia Mullen of PKGen Boston wrote an excellent article on gender diversity in parkour, and practical tips to achieve it:

Parkour Earth’s Global Engagement series:

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