MM Campfire — Sep 24, 2020

Campfire, marshmallows and conversation! The MM team gets together regularly in a sort of free-form discussion that’s not quite a chat, and not quite a discussion. It’s a cross between instant chat and performance art.

Good morning!

c: how’s y’all doin’?

R: Good!

c: the best part about this is no one can see the video part of this shit-show

M: I have finally seen this

Big HUGE new Movers Mindset news…

c: which the team already knows, but the world does not: We will begin interviewing people virtually—for full-on podcasts. I learned a lot from doing the couple dozen “virtual conversations” so I’m excited to get to do a full podcast-style conversation virtually.

c: team, who do we want to interview next??

R: a few weeks ago I suggested we reach out to Alex Lukens, a martial artist and a movement explorer based in Philly. Shouldn’t be hard to grab him!

Mel: Well, we have tons of people from all around the world that would have been very hard to plan trips to before… We’ve just busted that wide open. For our virtual podcasts, I’d love to get as many people as we can who we probably wouldn’t be able to reach in person. Jiho Kim from South Korea, Fagan from Singapore, Damien Puddle from New Zealand…. We’ve had so many recommendations from hard to reach places.

Mig: Find David Belle in hiding in the mountains

Mig: Right, as Mel is saying, now that it’s virtual there is no limit to who can be interviewed now

Ruby: good call

c: We have Alex Pavlotski coming up as an interview.


c: this is so cool, as everyone is typing—those of us in the actual GDoc can see…

Screen Shot 2020-09-24 at 09.15.00

Movers Mindset Video!

c: We’re going to record the video as we do the virtual conversations recording podcasts. So we will be releasing the videos of the conversations for our Patreon supports. The podcasts will go out as-usual—free, full conversations, our landing-page in the forum with show notes, excerpts, audio player from sound cloud, etc.

Random links time…

c: has everyone seen, ??

c: oh, I wanted to find an animated gif of a campfire too for this…

c: Also, Antidotes — Marcello Palozzo has been unpacking a few things lately—I’ll be totally honest: I’m not a fan of serialized stories like he’s using I-don’t-know-why before each of these. Anyway. This one about focusing and not trying to track too many things… this really strikes close to what I see as a major feature of this Insiders community. High fidelity. High Signal; Low Noise.

Mel: Katuri Torchia also published a paper this week:

c: “Abstract: This essay provides further insight into the theory and practice that formed the basis of my panel presentation for the response/i/ability panel at the inaugural Hyphen Symposium in March 2019. I attempt herein to explore the ideas put forward through my doctoral thesis as well as my method, the Esprit Concrete Method (ECM) which deals with how movement within an environment can trigger possible re-enactments of one’s past, often unconsciously, impacting one’s experience of themselves and others. Relationally desiring alternative endings to some of their cautionary tales from their past, many practitioners continue to retraumatise themselves if left unguided. Responding to the environment that they are in could in fact shift their unconscious impacts on themselves and others, thereby eventually influencing people to alter their management of themselves, respond to themselves and the world ever so differently. I construct a lens that frames these processes through the concept of personal, object and environmental role and responsibility, ultimately suggesting a method of conceptualisation that integrates the disciplines of l’Art du Déplacement and Integrative Counselling Psychology.”

Coolest Insta’s and visuals from the week?

c: Cool one from PKMove; warning about side effects from movement, tres importante!

Mel: Anyone see Katie McDonnell’s latest line? I was really intrigued by her swing-to-flip move, I’d never seen that before.

c: …this one? #letmethinkaboutthatHFSno


Cool little article from Natalia you guys probably seen of her climbing and unpacking her reasoning as to why she’s been climbing topless

Random area

c: rock climbing conversation happened here in the parallel Zoom

c: Ruby? What are we doing for your team-anniversay?

R: I’m actually gonna make a post in HQ tomorrow with some ideas! I want to see what everyone else would want to do with me.

c: Reading rocks, and Spooky Nook (wtf?) Also, for example,

c: bye Ruby!

c: HAS EVERYONE SEE THIS: Stone Locals (posted by Alan in the Forum.) It’s a link to a Patagonia movie… TOTES’ AMAZEBALLS. (the movie, but also Alan.)

Mel: So many climbing links…. Whoops, I slipped and fell in the rabbit hole


I feel we really have something special going on here. Our [the MM team’s] hour together flew by and I could see our energy levels are up. Definitely going to keep doing this.

Also, I’ve tweaked this forum’s configuration for @patrons so that the group name can be mentioned, (just start typeing @pa,) to alert others in the group.