MM Campfire — Sep 17, 2020

Campfire, marshmallows and conversation! The MM team gets together regularly in a sort of free-form discussion that’s not quite a chat, and not quite a discussion. It’s a cross between instant chat and performance art.

first post!

c: so we had this idea… ever the process maniac I’m wondering what happens if we all co-author a google doc? :slight_smile:

Mel: I mean, we can treat it like a chat, should work in real time


Coolest instagram post you saw this week?

Ruby: Wowww


new things for MM to explore?

c: has anyone seen these guys

c: Mel did jesse’s new thing go up this week?

Mel: Yes, it’s live! Move More is a coaching notebook filled with drills, games, ideas, and other resources. Here’s the link: There’s a video with Jesse explaining the project, check it out!

c: ruby, “Wowwwww” what wow?

^mel: oh right, yes jesse did mention that to me, but I haven’t gone through it. I know his team worked on that A LOT.

Mel: They did, and it sounds really interesting.

c: shit- i forget what I was going to type :confused: .

Mig: Good on the movers team to put a video at the top of the website because i was stuck there for a minute haha

c: ^mig I read “movers team” and I thought you meant us derp

Mel: Another interesting thing from this week; Lydia Mullen of PKGen Boston wrote an excellent article on gender diversity in parkour, and practical tips to achieve it.

Mel: Did you guys know about Parkour Earth’s Global Engagement series? I just found out about it this week, but it’s been an ongoing series since July. Really interesting, worth a look. You can watch previous examples on Parkour Earth’s website, and there’s another scheduled for next week:

Markdown tips

Cuz I’m gonna copy-n-paste into our Discourse-based forum, what we are typing is going to “understood” by the platform as being in “Markdown” … use underscores around things to italicize… use two asterisks to bold i am italics I am bolded

c: no other takers on my “coolest insta’s from the week?” :slight_smile:

c: ^mel, we can’t hear you :slight_smile: …link or it didn’t happen :slight_smile:

Mig: I was trying to figure out how to put an image on here, it’s not an insta but it made me laugh

c: yeah, uh, the short answer is we a URL for the image… so for example, I can rt click on the banner on my blog… or, eg, PKEarth’s banner

c: wait what? I’m staring at images and paying attention to Markdown and image inlining… but id din’t look AT the image— brah! that’s dark.


This entire idea is quite silly.

…and I find I’m really looking forward to the next one. :smiley: