MM Campfire — Oct 8, 2020

Campfire, marshmallows and conversation! The MM team gets together regularly in a sort of free-form discussion that’s not quite a chat, and not quite a discussion. It’s a cross between instant chat and performance art.

God morgen!

c: hmmm, let’s see… what’s going on this week? Had a suuuper-fun conversation with Human Who’s Name Escapes me… yes [down-arrow] that’s it.

Mel: Alex Pavlotski, from Melbourne! We have another conversation later today…

c: World, you should see us try and organize an event… rolls eyes

Cool videos or insta’s from the week?

c: from the omg-never-gonna-b-able-to-do THAT department,

Blogs and writing?

c: Ruby, when are you starting a web site? Miguel, how’s yours coming along? …Melissa, last post is in April?? :slight_smile:

c: …wooooooo are we high energy this morning or WHAT!!! ! (snarkasm)

Mel: Heh, website took a bit of a hiatus this summer.

c: ^mel, why?

Mel: Between Covid and keeping the gym alive, and then the ongoing health struggles I’ve had this year it dropped down my priority list. Working to get that to a manageable level again to open up time for more writing and art.

c: ^ smells like excuses?? :slight_smile:

Mig: saw that Yann had posted a little mini doc

Mig: Website also took a hiatus since working with NLV, been editing in their office and filming their games, this past week has been that everyday.

c: …was watching Yann’s video. niiiiiiiice.

Ruby: I have a website/blog!!! Melissa you’re doing better than me, my last post was in 2017-

c: R^ link or it didn’t happen.

Mel: Haha, I dunno Ruby, I think I only have about 2-3 posts ^^;

Mig: Both of you have me beat since I am at ZERO posts

R: Miguel link your website! Do you have a little content up yet? I’d like to see

c: …hmmmm, let me see if I can camp on Ruby’s name as a domain…

Mel: Quick Ruby!! Get on and buy it first!

Mig: It isn’t live just yet, I have started adding photos and editing the layout but it’s just on pause

c: Miguel is TOTALLY on it: booyeah Melissa’s on

c: yes, is where you want to go to register domain names.

c: …websiting is hard :stuck_out_tongue:

Mel: It is. I wish I had the skills to do it better… then I learn more and realize that’s actually a lie :stuck_out_tongue:

Murals discussion happens

c: photo of the PK gym mural?

Mel: Here we go

Upcoming guests

c: looks like John Beede is lining up… …Ruby, what’s up with that athlete in Philly you’ve been talking about?

R: I’ll message him and see what’s up, I already gave him the correct email address

Rando logistics

c: Melissa and I were talking about having here cook the weekly “state of MM” (world: that’s an internal weekly thing we use to keep track of where all our ducks have wandered off too) during this call…

c: ep84 is out… just a few images we have to insert into the landing page. (world: ) when are we doing ep85?? and now that we’re going to be recording more than one per week . . . . :slight_smile: :smiley: