MM Campfire — Oct 22, 2020

Campfire, marshmallows and conversation! The MM team gets together regularly in a sort of free-form discussion that’s not quite a chat, and not quite a discussion. It’s a cross between instant chat and performance art.


c: derp too many things going on in my brain this morning…

Mel: Not enough things going on in my brain yet this morning :stuck_out_tongue:

c: I don’t think Ruby is going to make it this morning sad trombone

Mel: :frowning:

c: Ran into a bunch bouldering peeps up on SM the other day… drove up from Yardley! omfg. why? (and anyway, where xactly is Yardley? …google google google omg they drove over an hour… I was apologetic at the time… not apologetic enoug I now see.)

Mel: I mean, I love our local boulders, but I also understand they’re not that spectacular XD

Tech detour

c: I was tinkering the inline podcast player that we’re using on the Forum. Currently we’re temporarily working

Mel: working on chapter marks?

c: … (ch marks… haha. I wish) using Sound cloud. But that’s annoying as we have to upload our mp3 files there totally unrelated to everything else we do. But SC is nice b/c it inserts the player via the Open Graph meta data right in its page for the episode. But I want to just use either an embedded player from our own podcast hosting… looks like this…

Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 09.08.54

…which is spiff looking (now that I figured out how to allow “iframe” from our other web site) — but it doesn’t actually play. Something wrong with javascript. thhhhpbt SC’s is even nicer cuz it uses the embedded image in the MP3… which is the per-episode photo… whereas our SSP-based embed player just uses our podcast cover art. So, solid “meh”.

Mel: Well… It does look very nice, at least. That’s a good point about SC’s capabilities. It does have some nice features that would be hard to reproduce

[lots of tech discussion happened here in the parallel zoom we run]

MM Vision and Mission

c: I’ve been tinkering on crafting a Mission statement for MM… uh, really hard.

Mel: I mean, any vision and mission statements are really hard when you’re just doing it for yourself, as opposed to an organization.

c: I keep zooming in and then out and then back in among should it be a Big Idea or a Small Idea. Like, “our mission is to create awesome people” is huge :stuck_out_tongue: versus something like “share conversations with people in a way that is actionable” —both great [i think] but vastly different in scope.

Mel: Yes, I was just thinking about the actionability of the broader statement… how would we be able to measure to see if we’re “on mission”?

grammar left turn

c: I was reading an article about commas and dependent vs independent clauses. And teh tl;dr was there are rules, there are exceptions, but what really matters is does it convey the rigth idea… so there were neat examples (which I’m not digging through my browser history for) where the grammatically correct gave the wrong impression. WHY do I bring this up? …because it seems to me to the be difference between how we write and how we speak… they are NOT the same. So spoken work has so much more info in it—inflection, pacing, etc… and written word you lose all of that [or most of it.] anywho.

c: So I did this left turn because: “translating” from the spoken (or visual if video conversation too) conversation into a written form is very hard. Think of Ruby’s work on transcript cleanup… or me writing articles of 3,000 words about one paragraph in a conversation and so on… which leads back to my comments about mission/vision above. I’d say I’m leaning towards a Small Idea mission because there’s so much “value” in the stuff we’ve recorded that isn’t being captured/used by the audience.

c: point of order: I never mean—almost never—the people “listening” when I say audience. I mean everyone who interacts with MM… I should find a better word for that. (thesauruseshowdoyuspell that? happens…) n/m. Another day.

duck duck go!

c: yo, eveyrone stop using Google. Go to — you can set your fave browser everywhere to use it as your default search engine. Aside from it’s better in terms of privacy/tracking/yaddayaddayadda you get “bangs!” So in any of my browser—right you’re used to “foo bar bazzle” gets you a google search. Well, DDG adds “!d werd” perform search on !!! “!w foobee” find me that on Wikipedia!!! !t thesaurus… and hundreds more!!!

Mel: ooooh that’s super cool. Very useful.

c: and in case of emergency, break glass: “!g words word” …GGD fail, do this on google. So all the “bangs” know the full search URL structure on the target site… and it composes and redirect you… “!w foo” …sent me straight to a wikipedia deep-url for search results… and then to my surprise, Wikipedia sent me to

Mel: Oh my goooosh that’s hilarious XD

World Chase Tag happened

c: bummer, I didn’t catch it! iu

Mel: Oof

c: I think it’s on NBC in November? I was seeing posts from Mark Toorock—yeah boy! massively awesome build… OH! they have a web site go figure…

Mel: It’s airing in about two weeks: November 5th - December 18th 2020. For now, all the athletes that participated have posted the videos from their hotel room challenges while they were quarantined awaiting their test results. There were some great creative challenges and lines.

c: oh oh oh! social media rant… here’s my Facebook “home”… this is my newsfeed…

Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 09.36.56

Instagram and videos?

c: Some sick stuff happening in this IG, (@airic_wolff)

Mel: Yes, I love his movement, it’s so interesting and creative.

c: is going on…

Mel: A lot of our friends and previous guests have/are presenting… Brandee Laird, Esprit Concrete, Sean Hannah, Julie Angel. Rafe Kelley, Amos Rendao, Jesse Danger… Tons of really awesome movers and teachers. And far more in other areas, too.

Aaaaaand back to Big Idea versus Small Idea

c: many instances of “Small Idea” seems to be the way to go. This does not unpack into text-typing :stuck_out_tongue: