MM Campfire — Oct 2, 2020

Campfire, marshmallows and conversation! The MM team gets together regularly in a sort of free-form discussion that’s not quite a chat, and not quite a discussion. It’s a cross between instant chat and performance art.

¡Buenos días!

c: first LOL of the day; I make a climbing reference and Melissa drops off the call :stuck_out_tongue:

mel: Zoom problems

c: …aaaaand a giant climbing conversation has broken out [in the video call that the team runs as we’re doing this] Turns out, various members of the MM team have the climbing bug—but can sometimes be spotted here here and occasionally here

c: what shoes is everyone climbing in? My feet are loving

mel: I have La Sportiva Tarantulace TARANTULACE WOMENS

c: woa, Ruby, those are aggressive… why not just this, QUICK VIEW

Ruby: Good Ole Otaki’s! OTAKI WOMENS

Mel: Climbing book I have on the way:

Best IG or other video recently seen?

c: this made me cry in my coffee,

Mel: Sean Hannah being himself

Ruby: the power of this line is insane

MM goings on

c: we did a great interview with Adam Echa yesterday. Goooooorgeous weather to get a chance to sit in a park for a couple hours. We also filmed the interview in one wide-shot… not sure if that will ever see the light of day though. Sneak peek behind-the-scenes…


Mel: Two more podcast conversations coming up next week…. Lots going on behind the scenes!

c: looks over shoulder what’s going on that I don’t know about? :slight_smile:

c: I’m looking forward to seeing what we get / how people react to our publishing video of our upcoming online conversations—full podcast recordings, done online/virtual, and we’ll be sharing the video.

Mel: So am I, honestly I’m interested to watch it myself and compare it to the experience of being there. It’s different for us.

c: …sure, for the video of the in-person interviews, I agree. I watched a little bit and my crushing self-image issues made me go…


…you[melissa] get to be out-of-sight [most of the time, your head has a few cameos in the recording.]

Mel: Ugh I knew it. Oh, well, now we know for next time. I was trying to be discreet

Team anniversaries

c: We have this thing where we all try to get together as a team to celebrate people’s work-anniversaries. Ruby’s two-year is coming up in October—sniff, has it been that long already? Seems like just yesterday you were in COLLEGE omg. Anyway, debate rages on regarding what we’re doing… kayaking? (uh, water, cold? …i’m in)

Mel: Well usually the goal is to stay out of the water…

[lots of irl discussion happened here as we plan logistics — sorry world :]


c: these always really slow me down


Once is never

Mel: Just remembered the Once is Never Parkour Zine submissions are currently open until November 25th! The theme for issue 6 is ‘Architecture and the city’

c: …yeah, you submitting? I sent an article in for an earlier issue.

Mel: It’s crossed my mind. I’d like to do some art for it, I think

c: “once is never”, so never is, like, what you’re at, negative-never?

c: …that reminds me, why does it appear that I’m mentioned on page 32 of Müvmag issue 6? curiouser and curiouser