MM Campfire — Nov 5, 2020

Campfire, marshmallows and conversation! The MM team gets together regularly in a sort of free-form discussion that’s not quite a chat, and not quite a discussion. It’s a cross between instant chat and performance art.

Good morning!

c: I made some format changes to this Google Doc—hoping everyone see the same thing? Much smaller margins (more room to work) and it’s not in “print layout” the “page breaks” are just a little dotted line—making it easier to scroll around in here. “Boooooring start, Craig,” I know.

Tangent on Hero Forge

c: yeah, interview with John Beede yesterday I was talking about the HF podcast… and re-re-discovered that there’s no where to play it—other than on one of our web sites. And I want to take down that web site. ( for the time being ) I keep starting down the idea-road of trying to do a Go Fund Me or similar to raise money to put HF podcast back out… and then I remember to not mess with other people’s stuff :slight_smile:

M: Well, it’s a thought for another discussion. Does remind me I should listen fully while it’s still available.

c: …anyway. I have a long list of “house keeping” stuff I’m cleaning up. I [well, honestly, all of us] create a trail of processes and things that we create [generally in life, but hey let’s just talk MM :] so I do spend time regularly going around “trimming trees.” Do we need this? Can we delete that? etc.

M: It’s a good habit, but I’m a terrible digital hoarder… >.<

c: ^ amen. I have 4 terabytes of file server_S_ in my closet. Backed up into the cloud… it’s nutz.

M: At least you’re on top of it. I’m just about to fill my G drive and iCloud… I don’t have a better plan after that

c: get one of these: then install this on your Mac and tell it to send all your data from the file server to :smiley: easy. (not)

Ruby: oh no…

M: So simple… why didn’t I think of that myself. o_o


c: I keep a little list that I add to during the week of things to talk about around the campfire… (“of course you do, Craig”)

c: Yeah so, episode 85 with Just Sole and Queen Di is in the pipeline… maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe we can put that out on Wednesday. (maybe) episode 86 will then be . . . Jessi Stensland! A super-omg-hard-to-get-to-talk-with person (because she’s super active and always on the move.) Fun one! That will also be the frist podcast episode that has video (albeit, not very good video—sorry world #notsorry)

M: Oooh, we’ve recorded a few with video, so I keep forgetting we haven’t actually put any out yet.

c: someone explain to me why I didn’t ask the 3-words Q to the virtual conversations. le sigh anywho

c: who, from our pile (it’s over a dozen at the moment) should be episode 87?? Echa, then Flynn-McIver, then Pavlotski, then Beede ??? :slight_smile: ??? :slight_smile:

M: Do we want to sprinkle the other videos throughout? Keep them moving through as well

c: [ world: HUGE discussion happens in teh virt call about why this order… #uMissedIt ]

ep85/Clarks (field recording) ~11/11 (stretch goal) or 11/18
ep86/Stensland (virtual) 11/25 <- set date
ep87/Echa (field recorded) 12/2 <- theory: be on set weekly at this point again! :slight_smile: ep88/ ¿banks? 12/9
ep89/Flynn-McIver 12/16
ep90/ ¿cos mo? 12/23
ep91/beede 12/30
ep92/ ¿paula? 1/6
ep93/ 1/13
ep94 1/20

M: sprint to the finish of 2020!

Left turn - movie reference

c: what was the movie… “I am called ‘o!’ and I have been given this name by my many friends…” [cue bunch of shots of char walking into room and every one “oooooh”. voiced by steve martin… cartoon, characters look like gum drops… round and squishy… main character is a little girl… O’s race is out to conquel HOME!!! conquer earth… youtube clip coming up… BAM!

M: I had forgotten about Home, wow! That was a cute movie. :slight_smile:

c: yeup 2015 Dream Works Home (2015 film)

R: I’ll have to watch it!

Highlighting things our guests have done

R: I had an idea about creating some sort of “directory” of things the guests have

c: … well, we have a similar sort of organized thing for all the guest’s 3-words answers ( an index of all of the guests’ answers to this question. ) So each time we publish and episode we add to that…

M: that’s just what I was thinking, we’ve done this before. And we have all of the ‘contact and further info’ all ready

c: I like the idea of “immortalizing” the stuff they’ve done… it’s a bit of work to maintain it… but not that much…

M: though on the subject of immortalizing, we’d have to update it sometimes, as we notice things change etc


c: ^ … yeah, we’re not currently even doing that for the landing pages… that would be a good thing to start doing. I feel like it would be “cooler” to do more than just “here’s a list of their stuff/projects.” ya know? like have their photo too, and a maybe a quote or audio gram… that way when random-person lands there they can get a feel for the guest.

M: It would be easier to update in one larger directory. I like the idea of making it more engaging/interactive. Links to the episode, and their interesting thing, but we’d have to expand out what we’re currently doing for their info.

c: what if we created a separate topic

M: Okay, so this discourse plugin would allow photos to display in the topic links. We’re discussing that for the links in our landing page topics, but this would happen to the entire site also, as in the front page? Every topic that has an image would display it?

M: Much fussing and discussion later, we’ve installed the plugin and are figuring out how to make it do what we want. Updated site looks like this:

c: maybe we bring the “contact/more info” section up to be somthing like “guest highlight/spotlight” and put it after the “Episode summary” seticon? …and we could add an “Episode” section that has the audio embed, and the vimeo player (when vid is available) —just capturing thoughts.

Instagrams videos from the week?

M: Lots of cool videos from PKGen Lancaster this week. :wink:

R: yeah, we Lancaster movers have been training more! Always a good time.

I recently saw this cool little video to celebrate the Hub PTC’s 5 year anniversary:

c: video or it didn’t happen :wink:

M: Really fun video from Tam. Reminds me of a great training day of just messing around

c: cool, thanks!