MM Campfire — Nov 19, 2020

Campfire, marshmallows and conversation! The MM team gets together regularly in a sort of free-form discussion that’s not quite a chat, and not quite a discussion. It’s a cross between instant chat and performance art.

Good morning!

c: Did everyone see, ?

Screen Shot 2020-11-19 at 09.06.45

M: No, I haven’t checked back in recently. Lemme see…

R: neither me!

c: …which reminds me: We wanted to start trying to highlight our previous guests more—generally, I mean. One way was to talk about them here… wait that doesn’t sound right. How about…

M: how about ‘share their accomplishments?’ or something like that

c: yeah, that. SO?? John Beede’s book is cool! —but no one knows what I’m referring to. YET. rubs hands micheviously while wondering if people will forget that this inside an action

M: We just released ep 85, so it would be fun to go share some videos of Just Sole and QUeen Di dancing

c: …sort of feeling like we need someone to advocate for our guests… like keep up with all of them generally. That would be a cool idea (having an advocate) I should totally make that a thing. Anyway. This whole “highlight our guests” was firsts potted [in the wild] here, “something small to try next?” /t/mm-campfire-nov-12-2020/1041

R: I like the dance video idea, Mel!

c: …


M: Here is a video of Just Sole: and one of Queen Di And another one of them together with their dance company… All well worth watching the masters at work

c: since y’all so slow… I have a new meme in my ready-to-fire collection… “confusing and scary”


M: heh. That’s a good meme for life. XD

c: I f’in love his portrayal of derp what’s the character… omg, yeah, JACK SPARROW yes.

M: Jack Sparrow?

c: Also, Just Sole and Queen Di videos above… wow.

M: We talked with quite a few Parkour Visions folks, including Cordelia Storm-Hollingsworth and Rebecca Brightly. Cordelia is now the executive director of PKV, and Rebecca is the communications director (in addition to both being senior instructors).

c: yeah I think I saw cordelia’s latest Conditioning with Cordelia… or something like that. I was like…


M: Haha, sounds about right! XD I will admit, while a lot about this pandemic sucks, I’ve been personally enjoying the access to hop into other communities classes virtually.

c: there must be a pandamonium meme in there somewhere. Or maybe pandaemic? …of course there’s a Pinterest for that. (left as a search exercise for the reader for a change.)

M: There’s endless meme opportunities around the pandemic…

Meta - Scheduling

c: next Campfire falls on Turkey Day (in the U.S.) — do we want to skip it for the week, or maybe move it up to Wednesday.

R: I’m not really sure what my Wednesday schedule is going to be like yet…

c: Ruby be like…

R: it really do be like that sometimes…


M: I could do Wednesday, or even Tuesday.

C: I can do Wed or Tue… Ruby? RUBY?!

R: Hmmmmm……I might be traveling on Wednesday. I’m going to CT this weekend and trying to convince G to come back to Pa with me later in the week to have TG with my family.

c: Tuesday? or, maybe, let’s just skip 'da week? :slight_smile:

R: Tuesday I could be free in the morning - ish….I have lots of makeup lessons scheduled for tuesday. (morning for me would be 9 - 10:30am)

c: Skipping it then. Going once…

M: I’m fine either way. :slight_smile:

c: …going twice…

c: SOLD! No ca(GET OFF MY LINE)mpfire next week. Post-campfire readers have to join us to get that “LINE” inside-joke.

R: whoops……

This week in MM

c: (imagine cool opening music playing through that heading…) What did we do that didn’t suck was cool this week?! :slight_smile:

M: Episode 85 with Kyle ‘Just Sole’ and Dinitia ‘Queen Di’ Clark is out in the world! And it’s a good one, a bit of a different flavor from usual.

c: BAM! It even has a literal mic drop in it, and a perverbial mic drop on the end. #winning (which Discourse will barf on thinking it’s a category reference #failing ) SPEAKING of “the end” . . .

…what’s anyone/everyone think about the no-outro end design for episodes. I think we should keep doing that. (Good, because I already sent episode 86 out without an outro— but I could change it. :slight_smile:

M: I think it works. While I like the quotes you always put at the end, it’s nice to let it simply end with the guests’ three words. As you put it “ties things up nicely”

c: ^ amen.

R: I liked the new formatting, I agree with what Mel said about how it ties up nicely

Cool instagrams?

R: we (pkgen lanc) made another one haha

Here’s a really cool send from a Spanish free runner! The commitment is unreal:

M: Bryan Riggins shared this in his stories, it’s a traceur I’m not familiar with, but dang there’s some cool movements: (Instagram of Elet Hall.)

c: Speaking of PREVIOUS PODCAST GUESTS!!! …this made me go aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww… Yes! I got an episode number right on the first try…


c: ooooooooh, we were talking about this SPACE last week…

M: Impressive, Craig! XD Also, that space looks sooo cool. Huge congrats to Movement Creative on that. :slight_smile:

M: Also Mike Araujo is still on our list for future podcast guests… Need to get to that (note to self, guest advocate)

…And left turn!!

Screen Shot 2020-11-19 at 09.38.09

I also got a message from someone about this…

Screen Shot 2020-11-19 at 09.39.22

c: I make me laugh!

M: ugh haha. I know you do. XD


The Movers Mindset project 1 is up to 85 podcast episodes, with transcripts published available for most of them. and

I’ve always wanted to dig more out of the episodes; insights, quotes and ideas. We’ve considered out-sourcing having an article written from each episode, but I feel it would be more interesting to work on smaller pieces from within one episode, or to follow threads/themes across multiple episodes. For example Theme: Fear

M: Mmmm yes. The themes project. I’m excited to get someone on board to dig into things more… There’s so much (too much?) content.

c: cuz I’m just never going to have the time…


c: what else, in our last ~15 minutes

Tangent about sharing podcasts

c: For example, the podcatcher I use has a in-built sharing thingy. So if you click this, it will give you a web so I keep thinking I should share cool — what are those, bookmarks, no, PODmarks? is that a thing (checks domain registration…) ANYWAY. maybe I’ll get off my lazy butt and so that. Share a short post in the Forum with a podmark… (I need to bring that up on this month’s podcasting call!)

M: Mmm, yes, overcast has quite a nice set up for sharing from particular time codes and snippets. Haha, Podmarks could totally be a thing. It’s actually a pretty good name.

Last thoughts?

c: once, while eating pizza with high school pals, my friend filled out the “guest survey” – those things at restaurants… wait do they still do these little paper surveys? ‘how was the food?’ ‘the service?’ . . .

M: nope… Sometimes they give you a QR code on your receipt :stuck_out_tongue:

c: sigh anyway. f’in kids these days…


…anyway. The surveys HAD a final question that was meant to be a write in… it was “General comments?”

My friend wrote something like, "We’ll begin with a direct drive in the center with the infantry and try to encircle them on the left flank with armor.

M: Oh gosh that the worst write in question you could ask facepalm

c: right? RIGHT? “GENERAL” comments.

Screen Shot 2020-11-19 at 10.02.52