MM Campfire — Nov 12, 2020

Campfire, marshmallows and conversation! The MM team gets together regularly in a sort of free-form discussion that’s not quite a chat, and not quite a discussion. It’s a cross between instant chat and performance art.

Good morning!

c: shall we do video/instagram stuff first for a change? :stuck_out_tongue: — Parkour Visions has decided to end their indoor gym search, but that looks like a good thing:

M: Yes, I saw that as well. I think that will certainly free up resources and mental space to make the most of their other programs instead.

c: On the other coast, I’m liking this new install from the Movement Creative: But I suppose it might just be the “green grass” look? …which begged the question, “where is that actually?” — it’s part of something called Cocoon NYC,

M: Another great line from @airic_wolff I’m just so fascinated by his movement style, it’s so creative. I’d never think to do that in this space.

M: @sofii_clofii also had a really interesting flow line:

c: ^ yeah that is a pretty sweet bunch of flow from Wolff. …and mmmmmmmmmm railings from Sofii.

Patreon supporters rule!

c: Hey, special shout out to Ric, who is over in Europe, for becoming our first “gonzo level” supporter in Patreon ( ). THANK YOU (a literal big thank-you) Ric!

Forum style/interface

c: Are we still liking the thumbnails look in the Forum? …I was looking at the Forum in mobile the other day (I got an email and clicked thru back to the forum) and I was like, “I like how this looks” … and then remembered that the thumbnails and expanded topic previews are a fairly new addition. :stuck_out_tongue:

c: …random: Has everyone noticed that the Forum now allows you log in using other providers? Not my cup of tea, but we now support a few different external authentication methods (Bookface, Smoogle and Tapreon!):
Screen Shot 2020-11-12 at 09.19.14

M: I did! I don’t love using that, but it’s a useful thing to have if members want to use it.

c: Yeah, I’m thinking it’s most useful if someone is on mobile and coming from some outside link… so you land on the forum, and then you want to press like or fire a quick reply… this way you can bang through making an account with one finger.

Internal podcasting process tangent

c: I think we’re almost back up to speed with the new spaghetti-schenanigans with our outsourced audio editor. ( ) ep85 is this »« close to being done.

M: The edit they did for ep85 was good, they did a nice job.

c: yeah, the fourth version of it came back last night, so maybe Ruby will be able to work on the transcription, pull quoting, etc steps this week/next-week-early

M: Heh, learning curve and all. Hopeful of getting it out next week!

c: ^ Well I think REDACTED–REDACTED–REDACTED communications recently.

c: we’re missing a tooth in Basecamp… (looks) 4th one upcoming would be ep88, but who was that going to be? …an upcycled video conversation, but I forget who —it’s in last weeks campfire… MM Campfire — Nov 5, 2020 …yeah DBanks is ep88, then Cosmo for ep90.

Small stuff

c: or more in line with MM, I started a discussion in Basecamp—well, ok, a continuation of a convo Ruby and I had, and then we three had, etc—about what “small” (as in actually completable/shippable) thing we might want to try next. Just to frustrate readers:

M: we’ve discussed all of these ideas in the past, and all are good. Question is, which one do we want to go with.

c: …I still think

Spotlight guests one by one. We take the “contact and more info” idea and zoom in: We pick an episode and update [for very old episodes, this could be really interesting] their projects and other information, then we bump that topic (a new reply pointing out what we updated) and share to social etc.

…is probably the coolest idea so far. We’ve been [internally, conversations] circling around trying to shine a spotlight on our guests more.

c: hyperbole, Skochy, 10 years, must. resist. more. pants. But this sweatshirt, somebody Santa Clause this bad boy: cuz like, yeah I need more clothing. anywho.

c: spotlight. People. ^ LOOK ^ spotlighting guests, was Sãsa.

M: We could do guest highlights on social, but also in campfires, on patreon, and our other channels. Newsletter…?

c: …we’re kinda sorta doing a newsletter. Every Friday, (I don’t quite get around to putting out.) Honestly, I’m sort of thinking the campfire will play the part of us talking to everyone. flash uh, do I annouce the Campfires to our email list? derp oh, I send the Campfires out to the Forum, Patreon, Instagram (and FB), LinkedIn… and doh I don’t email them out too… I wonder if I can manage to drop the entire thing into an email. (trying to put a lot into Mailchimp is a huge pain in the tookus.

M: hmm. An interesting question… I’m honestly not sure putting the entire thread into an email is a good thing though. It would make it so much less comprehensible.

c: good point, what I’ve been doing is writing a short blurb, and then just posting an image/blurb to all the channels. BUT ANYWAY, I don’t think trying to create a separate newsletters is worth the effort. shrugs It makes more sense to put the time into this.

M: This is set up as a sort of newsletter, and now they are publicly view-able.

Campfire meta

c: I have a little text document that I keep. I toss things in there as my week goes along. So some of the stuff I put in here is actually curated—that’s what would be in a newsletter anyway.

c: EVERYONE can see the campfires. (Only the upper tiers of Patreon suppoters have access to the video call. :slight_smile: NEWFLASH Dear Readers— you can join us for these (in the call and here in the “chat”)

Back to “small stuff” :slight_smile:

c: spotlighting. guests. I think this is the thing to pluck from the low hanging fruit tree— cuz what could go wrong picking low-hanging fruit from a tree?

M: It wouldn’t be too difficult, just doing a fresh round of checking on guests online presence to see what’s new, and reaching out again to see if there is anything specific they want highlighted.

c: my first thought is to “simply” (stop throwing things at me) go through the episode landing pages and improve the “more info and contact” sections…

M: We’ve discussed making them into separate pages and linking back into the landing pages. For some guests, there is enough content to fill its own page, but often we don’t need that much.

c: the super-easy way to do it would be to post a Reply under the topic. That would bump the topic to the top/front of the Forum, without us having to go edit lots of stuff. For example, we could post a reply about Skotchhdhccyy d tthtyttys’ 10th anniversary under episode 11. (I have trouble sometimes spelling zkoltchypstippps.)

M: (Skochypstiks)

c: ckotchy, got it thx

M: No problem. XD I like the idea of bumping up to the top when we update, though you know my feelings on using the replies… Not sure it’s obvious enough.

c: did you see the “page publishing” thing in Discourse? So some “pages”… some URLs on the Discourse-driven site have a different “styling”—all the controls and stuff are removed: For example is literally, just a topic like every other, but it’s “page published” so it doesn’t have like/reply/and-other controls on it.

c: ^ re replies… ya know, if you’re logged in, it knows you’ve read the topic, and will scroll right to the new reply :slight_smile: Discourse rocks.

M: I know, Discourse is quite good. I just don’t love the idea of separating out various pieces of information, I suppose.

c: we could also “pin” or “banner” their landing page… so we’d make some sort of change (the the original post) and then “reset the bump date” (world: admin lingo meaning the topic doesn’t appear “fresh” and generate alerts/rise-to-the-top/etc) … anyway, regularly pin/banner one as an older episode. It wouldn’t be obvious that we added/changed something, but we’d simplly be highlighting a guest’s older episode.

c: hmmmmm, I was just thinkign with “pinning” we can pin for a set timeframe… so I can “pin” a topic to the top for a week and then it unpins itself automatically. (less work for us) We wouldn’t have to “do” one on a set cycle… if you want it up for a week, and “take it down” happens when you do the enxt one… if you miss a week, it’s “stale” up there… auto-unpin/pin-timeframe lets us just do them whenever.

M: I like the idea of pinning, especially if we can do it for a set time period, that keeps things simple. I think we should also highlight that episode or info on our other channels to drive traffic and send people to our pinned guest/episode.

c: pinning a topic:
Screen Shot 2020-11-12 at 09.58.32

also, pinning would make it go above everyhting — fresh episode, campfire, etc… which is nice, and then it “drops off” (either date-based, or as a user unpins it—can’t unpin if you’re not logged in tho’) … so this feels like a cool solution. EXCEPT, wtf are pinning? :stuck_out_tongue:

c: we could just make that a topic of conversation in campfires… who are we pinning? Bonus: someone (or several) just goes in and posts a fresh reply… then we pin, and we’re done.

M: A good question… I’m thinking we start in the back catalogue, it’s been a few years since we’ve talked with those guests.

c: ^ I meant driven by whatever we think is fresh/noteworthy in the past week… so Sasa’s 10th anniv of company… or whatever has caught our (the team, or whomever is on the call/chat) attention.

M: Okay, I’m with you now. So simply as things come up for various guests, then. That keeps from creating extra work, we’re just keeping things relevant. After discussing the reply idea, I’m more on board with that.

c: I’ll write up the idea in Basecamp—we need Ruby’s input too of course. :slight_smile: