MM Campfire — Jan 7, 2021

Campfire, marshmallows and conversation! The MM team gets together regularly in a sort of free-form discussion that’s not quite a chat, and not quite a discussion. It’s a cross between instant chat and performance art.

Good morning!

c: wassup this morning??

c: …we’ll be back to publishing normal-Wednesdays on–well–Wednesday. :slight_smile: As I’ve said before, all the episodes through 99 are “in the can” and I’m starting to tinker with what do to for 100. (I have ideas. :stuck_out_tongue:

m: Yes, we’re getting close! Technically 10 episodes away, but with all of them recorded and in process, it’s close. Episode 100 has already gone through the ringer of ideas, but I think the latest will stick.

3-words, printed?


c: So we’ve done a bit with “three words to describe your practice” over the years… we’ve left the museum-piece Topic that we had been working on— Index of guests' "three words" and started to create something more interactive— "3 words…" visualized

c: But I’ve always wanted to create something physical… at first it was simply that I wanted to have something to share with the guests as a thank-you for each of their generous gifts of their time… but that always got stuck because it never seemed meaningful enough to, for example, hand them a thank-you card on the spot… and mailing things to guests later is super hard (because we don’t often have/know their home addresses, and asking for that feels like yet another intrusion on their privacy…)

c: So I’ve reached out to a designer friend who runs a letterpress shop rubs hands mischievously to talk about what we might create from what we’ve collected and learned in the first 100 episodes of the podcast.

m: Yesss please! We’ve talked about this off and on over the years, and I love the idea of creating an artifact that people can collect… And an artifact that is so near and dear to the podcast, and hopefully would inspire them

Web site and domain machinations

c: In my ever-ongoing efforts to simplify, we’re no longer using our Wordpress site for content. (tech geekery: It still has a lot on it; it drives the podcast technology and a couple other things.) Why is this interesting? Movers Mindset is on a diet for 2021 :slight_smile: keeping things simple…

c: check it out:

m: It looks great! And is much more in line with our goals.

Guests activity

c: Any of guests recently seen doing interesting things in the… I’ve seen all the usual movers, well, movin’ and shakin’— definitely a “ok 2021, could we all have our lives back outside again?” vibe… but the people I’m seeing are all pretty darn motivated agents… so they’re all doing well.

m: Shirley posted some goals for 2021, and talked a little bit about her process and reasoning. It’s worth a look:

c: cool! I’ll go pin Shirley’s and Chris’s episode… ooooooh, that is a good one! 062. Chris and Shirley Darlington-Rowat: Serendipity, family, and relationships

c: …well, that’s a nice URL. not.

Campfire changes

c: we’re opening this up (joining us in the Zoom call, and live co-editing this little chat document) to anyone who wants to attend— I'm opening up the weekly campfires to everyone