MM Campfire — Jan 28, 2021

Campfire, marshmallows and conversation! The MM team gets together regularly in a sort of free-form discussion that’s not quite a chat, and not quite a discussion. It’s a cross between instant chat and performance art.

Good morning!

c: so many things I keep saying I’ll do when I get


c: Sort of a quiet time around MM the last couple weeks. We’ve got so many / all of the episode through 99 recorded… we get lazy when we don’t have to be runnin’ around collecting pokemon people.

c: You up to anything interesting? I’m watching a few hundred people pile into the next round of the Akimbo podcasting course. *sips coffee*

m: I’ve finally gotten back to work on my personal website, trying to beat it into submission… I think I’m finally getting somewhere with the portfolio function. It’s a fun time. :stuck_out_tongue:

c: *eye roll* 2,999 posts to go… URL or it didn’t happen. (bickerin’ happens in the vidcall —)


m: url is… BUT don’t look at it, it’s still a mess XD

c: I always here s- s- sussudio when I read that url. Do you know that song, by Genesis?

m: I don’t think I do offhand…

c: Did you see “Emily in Paris” on Netflix? …Phil Collins’s daughter plays the toothpick— err, lead.

c: (m’s playing Sussudio) …noooooo, it’s not worth it. It’s just the chorus taht gets stuck in my head stuck in my head stuck in my head

m: Haha, I’ll come back to it later. I’ve heard of Emily in Paris, but haven’t watched. Didn’t pique my interest. shrug

c: It’s fun. I keep going… “oh, been there.” …her fave cafe/restaurant, “oh i know where that is” it’s bad.

m: You just watch movies to vicariously travel these days…

c: that was back when we had a TV though. The TV/dvdplayer/netflix got banished yesterday. F’ that shit. I got stuff to do.

Previous guests?

m: I have one for this week! Not strictly a podcast guest, but one of our virtuals. Luke Albrecht wrote an article for APK about parkour moves in video games that everyone can learn… 5 Parkour Moves in Video Games (That You Can Learn Right Now) – American Parkour Store

c: *pulls up forum to search . . .* wait, didn’t I talk with him… yes I did… *derp* oooooh right, did a fun short video conversation with him, but want to circle back with a real podcast recording. I’ll pin it though. done. And added a link to the article under that topic.

Movie detour

c: I was just thinking there’s a movie I saw w a character that works in an industrial looking job… wakes up in a bunk-house sort of space (like an oil rig) but puts on a space suit and goes outside… and you realize they’re working on an EXCEEDINGLY tall tower, it’s a space elevator ( Space elevator - Wikipedia ) … now I have to figure this out. AD ASTRA !!! Ad Astra (film) - Wikipedia

m: I completely missed this… but now I’m intrigued and I’ll have to look into it. Discussion of space movies is reminding me how long it’s been since I watched Interstellar also….

Episode 100

c: first recording schedule is language verbs what the heck. Try again: First recording session is scheduled.

m: On the calendar! We’ll see how it goes and schedule another session if we decide we want to.

c: RPN! Ever hear of Reverse Polish Notation. A joke this is not. Reverse Polish notation - Wikipedia

c: [3] then [4] then operator [+] …there is no equals key. anywho. stop with the hijacks! ep100!

c: I have a short list of things to discuss. shrug — we could try standing up an IGTV or FB live stream at the same time… I’ve never tried that. But I think Hedge did one during an interview he did of me:—Craig-Constantine-|-Art-of-Retreat-LIVES-id1478775-id276768373

m: I’ve never tried it either, but I think it would be interesting…

c: also, would anyone really care? :slight_smile: actually, that could be an interesting thing to post on FB/IG… or not. :slight_smile: