MM Campfire — Jan 14, 2020

Campfire, marshmallows and conversation! The MM team gets together regularly in a sort of free-form discussion that’s not quite a chat, and not quite a discussion. It’s a cross between instant chat and performance art.

Good morning!

c: where and when shall we record ep100???

m: We have some options. It would be fun to do it up on the rocks or somewhere that has significance to us as a team. We’d have to factor in weather, though. I like the idea you’d mentioned of going on a field trip as well. Not sure where exactly, but maybe NYC?

c: this had a nice view, would be perfect:

c: …but yeah, might be snowy.


m: pipe dreams…. It looks gorgeous. The gear holds up to snow, right?

c: …gear yes, humans not so much.

m: Haha, true. The real issue will be timing. We should record it in early Feb…

c: which is like, two weeks from now. o_O

m: Yuuuup. Ep 100 is scheduled for March 24th, so I suppose we have until the end of Feb.

c: yeah, just take credit for that. nice. (I looked it up, and said it in the vidcall.)

m: :stuck_out_tongue:

c: let’s see, serious options… OH, this:

m: UGH don’t tease. We should do it. Boxcar was the best breakfast I’ve ever had. Hmm… what was that little pub in London called? The one across the street from the flat?

c: chortle do you have any idea how many pubs I’ve been in in london… ?!

M: You know the one, the one with the CAKE… seriously the best cake ever

Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 09.48.47

c: OOOOOOOOH, that one, that was this one: Google Maps it doesn’t even show up as a thing… Right there on Sutton Lane. HEY LONDON FRIENDS… go see if this wonderfully little cafe is still there. ALSO, you forgot to mention why that’s great cake—it had Guiness in it.

c: so yeah, no, I got no actual suggestions. In NYC, in two weeks, might be pushing it… as cool as it would be to say “hey y’all, we’ll be at such and such at so and so time.” (And no one will show up. :slight_smile:

m: I suppose that’s true. sigh The timing is against us to do something crazy… it’s still cold, it’s still COVID…

c: perfect! tbd. :^/

Three words print project

c: I’m still thinking about this. (And have a slow conversation with a designer about it.) …maybe we’ll just leave it at that. A total, no details, tease.

m: ….hurry up…. I’m excited about this!

c: ima get rigth on that.

Previous guests?

c: well, first of all— we put our feet up for two weeks for the holidays—that was a nice break. And we’re back at it with episode… like I know what number we’re on ¯_(ツ)_/¯ but what do I know.

c: (who was episode 89? this is jeopardy right?)


…and I got it wrong, too.

m: Episode 90!!! Speaking of Alex Pavlotski, his episode just went live yesterday… And he’s also been recently active in the Parkour Research group on FB, asking for input on a new course he’s been working on, involving anthropology and embodiment: Facebook Groups

c: wait, he’s also been doing, (that was NOT easy, LinkedIn: you suck) Alex Pavlotski on LinkedIn: #teaching #highereducation #anthropology | 10 comments OMG wtf is wit that url? …anyway, I’d pin Alex’s topic, but uh, it’s already at the top. Guess we’ll leave it at that.


c: derp speling is difikult