MM Campfire - Feb 4, 2022

Campfire, marshmallows and conversation! The MM team gets together regularly in a sort of free-form discussion that’s not quite a chat, and not quite a discussion. It’s a cross between instant chat and performance art.

Good morning!

So far this morning, it appears this is a one-person improv act. I’ll be leaving out the “c:” as there’s no need to be that dorky.

I’ve been trying to be more intentional about collecting some random thoughts throughout the week… not sure if that’s going to better or worse?

Here’s a totally random thing that made me go, “wait wat?” Hands-On: H. Moser & Cie Swiss Alp Watch Final Upgrade With Vantablack Dial | aBlogtoWatch


…and this is insanely amazing: Sequencing your DNA with a USB dongle and open source code - Stack Overflow Blog which you don’t really even have to click on — it’s exactly as amazing as the URL slug suggests. But it’s probably worth clicking through just to see the animated GIF of a DNS molecule getting shredded. :slight_smile:

And snomageddon. Freakin’ 900 feet of snow now covers all my fave little nearby bouldering problems… time to sit at my computer, stare at and think about the [northern hemisphere] spring.


I’m rarely in Instagram. Fortunately, there’s no need to ever go in there—2021 will be the year Instagram turns into Facebook, in the sene of remember when you all used Facebook and liked it’s stream? …yeah, 2021, Instagram. ANYWAY /soapbox /rant

I spotted this neat little thing from Marcello: A practitioner's choices flowchart - Marcello Palozzo …because I follow his [and about 200 other sites] RSS feed ( A fight for survival! An RSS revival! ) Anyway, that definitely earns Marcello’s episode 26,

a pin on the Forum. :smiley:

c: Here I realized I’d spun up the wrong Zoom call and Melissa was wondering where dqfua I was. derp-craig o_O

m: We figured it out, and now I’m also here. XD Made it! Seems I missed a lot…

c: episode 26… zoinks the older topics for episodes need some lovin’ *shrugs* ain’t nobody got time for that.

m: The content is still there. Sometimes it’s just amazing to see how far we’ve come.

Email list

c: Dr. McCoy - He's dead Jim - YouTube cuz, ain’t nobody got time for that.

m: For some reason I thought the email list was already dead…

c: it’s so dead. We have a MailChimp-based list that I kept trying to use, but it takes time and . . . .aint nobody got time for that.

The joint’s jumpin’

c: In other news You Me and the Bottle Makes 3 Tonight - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - YouTube the Forum is actually jumpin’ I went into the Admin screen and… how many page views do you think there were last month?

m: Hmmm, we noticed a spike…I want to say it was into the1000s?

c: ha. 20,000+ page views last month. o_O I mean sure, 10,000 are probably me . . . but still. ALSO, guess how many emails the FORUM sent out to members —members, people who have an account, not the lurkers (who outnumber the members significantly)

m: Ooh that’s got to be a high number also. I’ve certainly gotten some emails. Several hundred at least, likely LOOOTs more

c: hahahaha. 1,100+ last month. HFS. BEAR IN MIND: it doesn’t email you if you’ve been in the forum and SEEN the thing…

m: That is quite a lot!

c: and EVERY one of those emails has a clear “click here to stop this” at the bottom… so that’s 1,100 emails that [ok either went into junk folders fuck you google] or that people _actually want to be getting. that’s so nuts, I need to tell the Podcasters I hang out with.

m: Seems like plenty of members are happy to lurk in their emails! It’s a really useful way of seeing the content that we post.

c: non sequitor: this is cool: Movers Mindset Forum

c: You seen the ‘view’ counts on the topics? Movers Mindset Forum is pretty totesamazeballs

m: I haven’t checked those number recently….

c: …I mean, considering there are only 9 people who care enough to support us on Patreon (woa, angst much?) there are hundreds and hundreds of people who clearely derive some amount of inspiration or joy… so, dunno, shall we keep going or not? :stuck_out_tongue:

m: Selfishly, yes of course keep going!

c: why?

What else?

c: we didn’t record on Tuesday because omgsnowwereallgonnadie. meh. Rescheduled for Tuesday.

m: Wouldn’t be episode 100 without some kind of random delay! XD It tracks.

c: nuts n bolts, we’re tinkering with pinning all the pokemon potential guests on a giant Google “mymap” thing so we can figure out how we’re going to Mario Cart them all.

m: It would definitely make it easier to plan things, though I’ll have to do some actual tracking down of where people are at, and upkeep to make sure it’s accurate.

c: …can always just pin them in a city to get started. Also, can I Spy-Hunter all the video game names into verbs? That should be a thing.

m: Also up to this point I didn’t realize you could do layers on maps, and this changes everything! Very pleased about this development, it will definitely make our lives easier.

c: yeah, on the “mymaps” thing. You can also open the “data view” for a layer and it gives you a mini spreadsheet… you can add columns and they show up as extra info in the little cards that it pops up when you select a pin.