MM Campfire — Feb 18, 2021

Campfire, marshmallows and conversation! The MM team gets together regularly in a sort of free-form discussion that’s not quite a chat, and not quite a discussion. It’s a cross between instant chat and performance art.

Good morning!

c: hmmmm… I feel like there’s this ongoing challenge to… l e a r n h o w t o t i p e… find a good photo to start each one of these. I’m taking a pass on any “it’s snowing jokes” as people are in serious trouble in the south.

m: Very true. I was thinking of just making a bad song reference/campfire joke…. :wink:

c: don’t make me put you in the waiting room for a timeout. omg…

Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 09.32.19

non sequitor

Episode 100

c: yay, there was much rejoicing.

m: Finally managed to make a coherent episode… I’m honestly impressed with how it turned out

c: weeeeeeeeeeeeeell, “coherent” is stretching it… I’d say: there might be some people who will actually listen. OH! I recently learned that my mom stopped listening. *sad trombone*

m: :frowning: So much for unconditional support XD

c: We also have an ongoing argument (between Melissa and I) about whether or not we should continue doing virtual intervie DAMMIT. conversations

m: Listen, I’m not trying to say we should ONLY do vurtuals… but like there’s so many people…

c: Yeah, it’s going to take a while before you realize the error of your ways.

m: siiiiigh

c: big question I’m currently stuck on: Is publishing every week on the same day/time actually important? I put a little easter egg in Episode 9-- what number did I just do? 97? …97’s intro has a little easter egg in it.

c: anyway, if ANYONE reads this, hit reply and give me your thoughts about how important is weekly publishing of episodes.

m: Depends what you’re tracking. I don’t know that our slow down in 2020 affected our download numbers (as we’ve discussed). Honestly I’m not sure that people are able to keep up with weekly…?

c: well that begs the question of whether or not people listen to the show or listen to a/the guest/s.

m: That is the question, and from what we’ve talked about it seems to be split. I think even the people who follow the show don’t necessarily listen to every single episode.

c: I mean the only episode that matters for sure, in terms of when it was released, is the one that was just published… the newest one in the feed. Every other episode is “old” and the date doesn’t matter.

m: That’s true. What does our regularity in posting actually affect in practice?

c: there are some places where things try to tell people how often a show publishes… Podchaser, Podnews, the Overcast player… they’ll say like “wednesday mornings” (until I miss a single Wednesday) or “weekly” or whatever. But I don’t think that matters [to people listening].

m: And the big question is, how much does it matter to us?

c: It’s more like how much stress/work does it add [to pub every week]. That’s what I’ve been trying to get at (I know you knkow that I know that you know) … how much easier would it be if we let — sorry, misspelled— if I let go of publishing wednesday mornings at 10am.

c: living on the edge… I published yesterday’s episodes off-schedule… Like 8:20am… o_O

m: Haha, I saw it. I thought you were testing it out XD But in seriousness, the main thing I like about weekly is having a set schedule of some kind. I do better with some kind of structure.

c: here’s an idea: Set a schedule that it’s simply “every Wednesday at 10am.” :stuck_out_tongue:

c: when we have some in the can… “ok, when should these be published?”

m: I like the idea of grouping/blocking episodes together to publish

c: what else from ep100?

m: Discussing how we’re planning to start out Season 5… it’s in the works

c: unrelated: the snow flakes are getting larger . . .

m: Don’t remind me. I have a lovely view of the driveway I need to shovel :stuck_out_tongue:

Previous guests?

c: I saw this… which plays (see what I did there) right into the thing we discussed in his episode about performing rarely… so that’s one option.

m: Nice to see Adam posting some of his music again. :slight_smile:

c: not a guest, but: …aaaaand I quit (all movement).

m: Geeeeez o_O

c: so I guess it’s episode 87! aaaaaand, pinned.

pk outreach?

m: Also unrelated to previous guests, but I just came across this ‘sweating the small stuff’ series by Parkour Outreach that I thought was really interesting: Blog — PARKOUR OUTREACH CIC

c: wassat?

m: Good question! I was unfamiliar with them until I found this series. Looks like a Scotland based group who’s working on various ways to support both local and global parkour communities. Who We Are — PARKOUR OUTREACH CIC

c: mmmmmmmmmm coffee. (that was a sight gag—there’s a zoom call goes with this that you can join us…)

Fourth heading

c: interesting… why is it four, forty, fourth… forthin’ enlish o_O

c: I wonder if anyone has noticed the slight tweak we made to our podcast feed. We’ve started populating the “itunes:image” fields in the RSS feed. In the [currently] very few places that use that field, things now look like-a dis:

m: I’m excited that our guest images can be front and center… it looks great!

c: yeah, I think that KICKS ASS.


Changes for season 5!

c: First of all I think we’ll roll the season number at episode 5. (101… 5… season 5… how AMAZING is that!!!)


m: …This is a binary joke, isn’t it… -_- I don’t know binary offhand…

c; YES!!! I even lost melissa on that joke… YEUP, 10 kinds of people in this world. Those who can count in binary, and those who cannot.

m: Having actually now had the joke explained, I will grant that it is pretty cool

c: so where would season six start?

c: I SEE YOU LEANING INTO A google search!!! 110 is six… so season 6 would then be a VERY short season… as 7 is 111. :stuck_out_tongue:

m: Craiiig I don’t actually know how binary works… who do you think I am. Also yes, too short XD

c: the streeeeeetch to season 8 will be rough… that’s at 1000 doh.

c: while ( true==dead ) { beat(horse); } yeah no I’m not even explaining…

c: yeah so what’s changing for season 5? I think we should improve/redesign the guest images… I really think that in the coming year, we’re going to see more use [by software, and directories, and web sites] of the per-episode imagery…

m: Especially since they’re becoming more visible. I like that idea.