MM Campfire — Feb 11, 2021

Campfire, marshmallows and conversation! The MM team gets together regularly in a sort of free-form discussion that’s not quite a chat, and not quite a discussion. It’s a cross between instant chat and performance art.

Good morning!

c: I saw this the other day, Christian Marclay’s “The Clock” at SFMOMA — Blog of the Long Now I mean, I saw that post about that, not that I was secretly in San Fran the other day. That’s an amazing piece of art… but, uh, ok bro’ maybe too much time on your hands? :smiley: See what I did there… sorry, can’t help myself.

c: I was also looking at this MovNat-shared vid that made the rounds, My first thought (after my zero-th thought, like other commentators, was, “bro’ SWING”) was that apes look sort of oddly proportioned… or so I thought. But when they hung side by side— yeup, them’s is cuzins.



c: I saw this and immediately backed it. Go. Go now. C'est (pas) marqué sur mon front® - Ulule

m: Oooh that looks interesting! I will have to actually dig into it later (need google translate…)

Previous guests?

c: not a guest, but at least, another podcaster, Knee Love And A Low-Load Lunge

m: Andy Day, who is also technically not a guest, but another person on our list, was doing a giveaway for the Parkour Calendar

c: I saw Marcello doing a magnificent Tai Chi sequence… but we’ve pinned his episode before. Let’s see who else has been busy? ACTUALLY, I just saw Jonny Hart posting some of his tattoo work imagofindthathere, …I’ll go pin Jonny episode— THAT IS A THROWBACK all the way to episode

Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 09.38.22

m: I really enjoyed his episode! I had very briefly met Jonny but hadn’t gotten to know him, and it did make me want to go talk to him (especially about art). His story about teaching art was really cool.

c: yeah, that was the first road-trip to record. With a pre-recording meal at [ — moment of silence, this place is no longer a restaurant — ] Manny’s in Brooklyn. It was also the first time that coffee really got featured. No do though.

c: …at least, my leaky swiss cheese — do you capitalize the ‘s’ in swiss cheese? — brain is telling me I cannot go have breakfast at Manny’s again. Brother’s — or is it Brothers’ ? — Pizza is still on — I bought these em-dashes wholesale last week — Brothers — oh wait, maybe it’s “brothers” not “brother’s” nor “brothers’” — Brothers Pizza — imagowiththat — is still on Malcolm X Blvd. I hope.

m: o_O That was a roller coaster ride.

c: _-—____-----___*|

Epsidoe 100

c: we took a stab at recording that the other day. In claaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaasic MM format (shout out to Miguel Ruby Kristen) we recorded a 2 hour monstrousity that SHALL NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY.

m: I was expecting to have to do a second attempt… turns out we’re TERRIBLE at being concise. XD Still.

c: I would have to disagree, respectfully of course, with your characterization that we are not able to be concise. If, through your use of that obscure coloquilaism — OH so close it has two ELs — colLLoquialism — no, not three, derpy mc derp face — anyway. The joke is doa. (great movie though) — FIRST MOVIE reference 27 minutes in. D.O.A. (1949 film)

c: yeah so we have to re-record episode 100. I’ve like 8 pages of notes, that mostly have this symbol:

Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 09.48.52

…except no flowers.

m: The good news is we’ve done a practice run and have a better sense of what we’d like to highlight (at least it helped me with that). Now if only we can cut it down in timing…. I still need to cut down and reorganize my notes.

c: meanwhile, I still have more of these —

Random bitching

c: so like 5 years ago, the MacOS started this clever hack — for those people who can’t ACTUALLY F’IN TYPE — where if you hold down a key, like ‘e’… after a moment a little window pops up ee

Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 09.51.06

Never mind the mac-fu needed to take a screenshot of a popup tool tip. ANYWAY. Those of us STOP AUTOCAPPING ME GOOGLE — fortunately I have spare — so now you can hold ‘e’, then touch 2… in case you cannot just learn opt-e e gets you that character. *eyeroll*

c: and before you go “yeahbutthat7thingy” …learning how to find that is part of the journey bra.

c: 7 minutes remaining….

Right turn Clyde

c: c now I can haz movie references all I want. I was thinking we should completely slightly change how we do the guest images for season 5.

m: I saw you discussing that, I’m listening…

c: I’m thinking we’ll get a portable studio setup, that schmancy roll down backdrop thing, pair of lights, a real camera and we’ll do like a quick photoshoot with the guest… maybe we can haz a little collapsible pedestal thing that they can lean on or whatever…

m: You took the Sam Jones podcast to heart, I see….

c: no. I’m kidding.

m: Good, neither of us is qualified to take actual photos XD

c: all I want to do is add some more stuff to the image as text over-/under-lays. Like their name(s), the title if we can figure out how to squeeze that on there… our logo… down the road…

…when the rest of the world catches up with using the episode images, we’ll have episodes 101 through 499 with their awesome images already set up!!

Screen Shot 2020-11-19 at 10.02.52

m: Season 5 will be our longest season yet… XD Or we’ll be in season 17 by then….

c: oh, no I’m not “insane”. We’ll break it up. 101 to 249, 250 to 499 … let’s be realistic!

m: Perfect.

c: OH! Also, I want to see if we can haz episode 500 come out on my 50th birthday!

m: … how many years do we have left? How quickly do we need to start publishing multiple episodes a week…?

c: :smiley: We’ll just leave that as an Easter egg hunt for people.