MM Campfire — Dec 3, 2020

Campfire, marshmallows and conversation! The MM team gets together regularly in a sort of free-form discussion that’s not quite a chat, and not quite a discussion. It’s a cross between instant chat and performance art.

Good morning!

c: Totally missed not having one of these last week! :frowning: …I keep a little collection of things throughout the week that I want to share here—missed a week so I’ve a pile now.

c: A few weeks ago, Dan Edwardes’ zombie blog rose from the dead (back in Sept) with—what appears to be—daily missives. — lots of good stuff there going all the way back to 2013’s I think I’ll pin Dan’s 063. Dan Edwardes: Motivation, efficacy, and storytelling in the Forum for a few days.

M: while we’re highlighting guests… Charlotte is doing the 24-hour Le Mans race on a bicycle for charity this weekend

c: facepalm is the race…

…but I thought you said Lamaze technique - Wikipedia and I was like waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!

Oooooooooh, you mean

no wait…


M: Craig stop making fun of my terrible French accent. >.< Anyway, She’s fundraising for suicide prevention. Charlotte will end up cycling for 8 hours total, working with a team of 3 other people to complete the full 24 hours.

c: ok, but do we actually have a link to the thing?

M: Movement Labs: You can donate through this link!

c: …history, it rewritten has been. (It was a sight-gag in the GDoc. You missed it. But hey! You can become a Patreon supporter and JOIN US in these calls. Just sayin’)


c: hey speaking of… no that doesn’t work because this person hasn’t YET been on the 'cast. *glaring at Vincent* But anyway: has a post about his film and updated book coming… ce livre, est-t-il en Francaise? …but it’s available over here:

omg, I got it right…

Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 09.19.46

R: I wish I could speak/read french…so complex

M: too many vowels in a row makes my brain short out

C: Where’s that meme of the dude strutting away arrogantly . . . imagine that here. Well, I can always deploy a Shatner:


M: Shatner will definitely do for arrogance XD

c: …showed up at my mom’s birthday party once. Boy was he surprised. That’s another story though.

c: Mais non! C’est tres simple!!

c: aha! I scribble on your line. (ooooooh, you corrected it.)

Who else is doing fundraisers this week? Instagrams?

c: I need to scroll this web page (GDoc editor) Shat’s getting annoying…

M: I know that Parkour Visions is doing a fundraiser this week for their Movement for All campaign:

M: Also this is your seasonal reminder that while you’re doing your christmas shopping, you can support the Pacific Northwest Parkour Association on Amazon Smile. ( They’ll get a percentage from each item you purchase!

c: Instagram: YES. F****G. PLEASE

M: ooooh. I need to get out west to climb. Or really anywhere other than PA…

R: PA has cool climbs through! It’s sparse but it’s still cool.

c: omg and this…


R: can’t get over the whole cooking at the top of a mountain thing hahha

M: I’m just as obsessed with the giant dumpster wok in the last photo….

c: mmmmmmmm, c’est sur mon radar pour l’année prochaine!! What else we got from Instagram?? These two are stiill awesome

M: Just recently came across this athlete… her tricks are so smooth and clean


c: Has everyone seen the latest shot-across-the-bow at FIG/IOC from Parkour Earth?

M: Oooh, I haven’t. Pardon me while I read about the drama…… I did hear rumors (very much unverified) that FIG is angling to get parkour into the 2024 Olympics. Again, very much unverified.

R: Oh shoot! No I haven’t read that yet….

Upcoming Movers Mindset episodes?

c: What are we doing for episodes 92 and 93? Whose up next from the existing virtual conversations to be 92? …to be followed by Mark Balfe-Taylor’s conversation as 93? … in-video call discussion and lots of scrolling through the existing that are already recorded… Amy? Renae?

c: going once? SOLD! Amy gets to be ep92, Mark is ep93.


c: And then discussion of who of those people we want to do full (the virt conv’s we intiially recorded are only 45 minutes hard-stop) conversations with. Which brought up WTF can we all travel again? Also, *record-needle tearing sound* did something happen to or am I an idgit? I can’t seem to get to the super duper zoomy scrolling map of all the climbing routes [on the planet]. WHY can’t I get this as a map, or some photos

M: Pipe dream: Still want to actually get to NC and probably San Diego or another CA city. Maybe late 2021…

R: ah, 2020…what a time

c: OH! I have meme for 2020… standby…

Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 09.46.22

R: of course you do……….

M: Wow… I have to follow that up. XD

Art of Retreat

M: We should also mention that while we can’t travel, there is a virtual Art of Retreat session this weekend on Sunday, December 6th from 1-3pm Eastern. Craig will be moderating a panel on COVID-19 and businesses, featuring Dani Fitchett, Blake Evitt, Alan Tran, Justin Taylor, and Adam McClellan.

c: done. (tis mentioned)

c: So Melissa, how does Headliner make you feel?

M: Well… Depends on the day and if it works for me -__- When it works, it’s fantastic and takes me no time at all. When it doesn’t…… >:( It really doesn’t, and I don’t know why.

c: also, (which won’t work for anyone but us :slight_smile: has a comment under it.

R: Thanks for bringing this to my attention! Basecamp is weird sometimes

c: oh moment missed. When I pointed this out, Melissa made a face and I wasn’t fast enough on the screen grab…


c: yeah, I’m at a meme-loss for Melissa’s Headliner-rant… I mean, this is the best I have…


M: I’ll accept it. Ugh.

New formatting of landing pages?

c: any final thoughts on the new way, 085. Kyle ‘Just Sole’ and Dinita ‘Queen Di’ Clark: Street Dance, culture, and community ??

M: I love it. I think it really brings together all the various resources and content we create from each episode in a visually compelling and easy to read way. Finally, after years of fiddling with it…

c: good, cuz we’re going to make all of episode 1 thru 85 look just like that. :slight_smile:

M: Excellent. Guess I should start writing show notes for all the early episodes, huh?

R: It’s so exciting that we’re cranking out episodes like this again!

c: I think I heard Microsoft is buying Discourse… not sure though. …that would suck. Yeha, joking. Salesforce did just buy Slack though. o_O *cue ennui music track*

R. …………………

M: Oof. Please no.

c: well, any parting shots? nope? OUTTA HERE