MM Campfire — Dec 17, 2020

Campfire, marshmallows and conversation! The MM team gets together regularly in a sort of free-form discussion that’s not quite a chat, and not quite a discussion. It’s a cross between instant chat and performance art.

Good morning!

C: let’s settle on episodes 97, 98 and 99… :slight_smile: :smiley:


…we did some discussion, but I don’t think we picked the order for these last three in season 4. last week we said:

97/Koch, 98/next-weeks-guest, 99/Miller

M: I’m thinking maybe we switch the order… I think episode 99 should be an episode that has the 3 words. So Josh’s episode.

c: so we just recorded Wit, so we flip Miller and Wit? I think Josh [Wit]'s was a good thats-what-this-is-about sort of episode… ADD-specific (in terms of what “movement” are they into) but also, branching out talking about diabetes and an “older” practioner’s POV… yeah, Josh can get the 3word mic-drop :slight_smile:

M: Exactly my thought. Plus Koch and Miller will dovetail together nicely.

c: good point 'bout Koch/Miller too. Do I have to pas MIS?

M: Nope, I’m on it

c: can we get a “T:” ? ?? ??! :smiley:

…apparently not. ok, moving on.

M: sips tea

What have our guests been up to this past week?

c: I saw Mark Toorock spontaneously re-shared/mentioned his episode 30.

M: Yes! He’s also been starting discussions around the idea of parkour joining the olympics.

c: Let’s pin episode 30… anything of his we can link to here?

M: Here’s a post of Mark’s from earlier this week discussing his thoughts on commercialization and the olympics…

Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 10.11.43

R: Thanks for linkin that, I’m interested in reading…

c: …I love being able to do that— just duck into the forum, find their episode’s topic ——hey lurkers: EVERY episode has a page at and so on… is out!! :slight_smile: :smiley: —— and then just pin their topic to the top of the forum for a few days. So 030. Mark Toorock: Commercialization, representation, and play is pinned.

(discussion of FB post in video call)

c: OH! hey, speaking of dumpster fires…


M: goodness. Do tell…

c: yes, that’s right, you can LITERALLY email the dumpster fire… it prints your email and you can see it live, on video, as it gets dropped into a flaming dumpster.

R. oh dear….

M: oh my gooosh that’s amazing O.O

c: that’s built by the team who does Basecamp (and other things), they recently did …they spent—i think it was—seven figures for and are trying to remake functioning email. *shrugs*

M: I’m not surprised at how expensive the domain name was, geez… But I’m intrigued. I like their work, so I’ll have to take a look.

c: (in response to “define function email . . .” ) So DHH et al (basecamp creators) are known for “this will work forever” so the old version of Basecamp are gauranteed to work forever—they claim literally. They say they’ve built a fund to ensure they can always support their old stuff. ANYWAY. the idea behind Hey is to, well, do Gmail without being evil I guess… there’s a good medium article… . . . geez I always think there’s an extra F-that in there…

M: ‘gmail without being evil…’ I mean, sounds good on paper!

c: wait, you guys know know about LMGTFY ??? omg I tell people about it all the time… (spoiler: It’s just a web site, with a form, that submits to the Google … LET ME [f’scking’ GOOGLE THAT FOR YOU . ie stop bothering me

M: Ha! I didn’t know about it specifically…. But I do know your particular brand of snark by now XD

c: what else?

Interesting Instagrams from the week??

R: a nice reminder to work on your rolls:

M: I saw it on Instagram, but technically the full video is on youtube. Tamila (@tamwithacam) is from Montreal. She and her boyfriend created a video testing out challenges from the Assassin’s Creed video games. Fun, cute, and actually a great example of training vibes.

Lame housekeeping…

c: Let’s go over this list and either “they’re already in the Guest hunting list” add them, or decide to skip them…

(huge discussion and shuffling in our project management system)

c: what else this week? …sheesh I could eat a smore…


Aaaaaaand more housekeeping

c: next week is xmas eve… (and following week is NY Eve)

M: I won’t be available on Christmas eve at least…. Gotta do those holiday things

c: shall we skip two? or do we want to maybe do a bigger holiday campfire in between? …open one of these up for everyone (not just the upper Patreon tiers?)

R: I’m down for either.

c: …maybe Tuesday or Wednesday —wait 22nd I have a podcast recording… but that’s 11am to 1p on the 22nd.

M: I like that idea. So probably that Wednesday then?

R: I’m busy on the 22nd!! I’ll be traveling on the 23rd, but could jump on the call during the drive home.

c: sorry just realized I was thinking about the week between xmas and ny… so that’s mon/28, tue/29 . . . *derp*

M: wait, that you have the recording, or when we do the campfire… XD

c: skip the campfire on Thurs 24th (xmas eve) That’s already after my podcast interview on the 22nd. I was thinking BETWEEN xmas and ny for a bigger, holiday-party/campfire/open to anyone who wants to attend… I think I can handle 100 participants in my Zoom room.

M: Gotcha, that makes a lot more sense! I should be free that week. I also like the idea of inviting people along… gues I should make some social cards ASAP then

R: I have no plans for that week either!

c: …so Mon/28? Tue/29 ??

R: I can do either, but teach on tuesdays beginning at 4pm. SO it would have to be before then…

M: So Monday sounds like our best option?

c: MONDAY it is then. Let’s do 11am to Noon so West coast is only 8am (rather than our usual 9am start)

R Sounds good

MM Holiday Party announcement !

c: Monday, Dec 28th we’re having an open-to-all Campfire on Zoom. I’ll put the Zoom link here, in a topic, we’ll do social posts etc. Nicely, it gives a chance to ask people about episode 100 too.

M: pause to literally dash out the door and hand the rest of my xmas cards directly to the mailman

c: long discussion of how we each do holiday cards… manage the lists, mailing, labels, etc… we have friends in,_Pennsylvania who run a sick letterpress shop, go there. shop there. class dismissed.

Right turn, Clyde.

c: (name that movie reference)

c: have you guys seen you have to have seen that. If you haven’t, say that you have.

c: movie reference, Clyde the Orangutan Gets Rowdy

M: Whuuut on earth XD. But to your actual question, I haven’t…

R: ok then….

c: so what if we made—hesitant to say “holstee inspired”… but made from guest quotes. And then had Mitch and Amy print it . . . so it’s a single thing… visually designed, letterpress printed… first 100 guests get one… and they are for sale . . . to everyone else. “GET FUCKING STRONG!”

M: ooooooh okay. I love this idea of a physical artifact…. Using 3 words? We’ve talked about making something visual out of those SO MANY TIMES

c: yes. So quotes, 3-words answers (“break all the rules”) … and each thing is attributed to who said it.

M: Yes yes yes and yes.

c: “my god… it’s full of stars…” movie reference? (No google cheating)


c: mic drop.