MM Campfire — Dec 10, 2020

Campfire, marshmallows and conversation! The MM team gets together regularly in a sort of free-form discussion that’s not quite a chat, and not quite a discussion. It’s a cross between instant chat and performance art.

Good morning!

c: …right outta the gate I’m yammerin’ about the new HTML5-based, embedded player! Nicer player in our episode landing pages (eg ) and it now includes subscribe and share links so people can listen on the page, or they can pop out to their fave podcatcher. I’ve been waiting for that for A LONG TIME. :smiley:

M: It looks so good! Shiny and new….

c: …and we have schnazzy video players now.

What/who have we seen recently from prev guests?

c: I saw Amos making some noise about being in WCT 2020. which was recently on— NBC was it?? But also, Frank Mejia was in WCT earlier in England… Let’s pin Frank’s episode in the Forum? He’s episode 45! :slight_smile:

M: I like it!

c: we actually talk about his experience with WCT in that episode. But we’ve a couple other guests who I think were in WCT, but ima not name names and get it wrong. I mean, Seb obviously, he’s of course … dang, we’re prolific.

M: I know of at least one, and a few people who are on our list but we haven’t had a chance to talk with yet.

Speaking of prolific

c: soooooooooooooo, 96, 97, 98, 99. wait, what’s after that?

M: EPISODE 100!!! We still need to decide how we want to commemorate the event…

c: we have two more guests lined up in the next two weeks. We have (checks proj mgt system) thru episode 93 set/planned/scheduled/in-production/verbing/winning. So if we have 95, and 97 be the two lined up… who’s 94, 96, 98, 99 and then, wait, I forget what’s after 99.


M: 100 is TBD, but that’s an excellent question… We have a few people we’ve been dancing around interviewing for a while. I’m thinking while we’re stuck with only virtual interviews, we may as well take advantage. We could do Jiho in South Korea, we could try to get Fagan in Singapore…

c: I was thinking we’d upcycle four more of the video conversations.

M: Ah, gotcha. Well, allow me to check my list…

c: let’s definitely not reuse that shitty conversation with redacted!

M: Dambly is up next, then I’d like to get Cosmo out there, and the other two I”m thinking are Kyle Koch and Andre Miller

c: 94/Dambly, 95/Cosmo, 96/todays-guest? 97/Koch, 98/next-weeks-guest, 99/Miller ???

M: Yes. And then…. Episode 100. What to do for 100….



c: 100… let’s talk about . . .

Data visualization!!

c: or, a more important visualization…


c: I’ve started creating data visualization views (like [holds up doodle in video call—you missed it, become a patreon member and you an join us in the call]) {5000 words spoken here}

…so the idea is to get a basic visualization work to replace the 3-words index — Index of guests’ “three words” with an interactive image on each episode’s page.

…why do I bring this up?

Episode 100

c: I would like 100 to be forward-looking, NOT just a giant retrospective. Sure we can answer questions (if we gather them, if people answer them) … but I (me, literally myself) want to talk about data visualization, how to create links so people can find the show, subscribe, how the forum works as a “home” for each episode, who we want to interview in seaons 5, where we want to go, — that sort of stuff.

M: Unpacking some of what we’re doing and want to do behind the scenes. I see. We should also mention wanting to do work with the themes…

c: ALSO: begging for patreon support, I’d like to do that. more. Patreon support. Did I mention people should go to yet in this chat???

R: sounds like a plan. A really good idea for the 100th episode.

c: …R did you scroll up and read where we were talking about you? :wink:

R: I scanned through everything but must have missed that. Let me go back and read more in-depth….

Sorry, looked through and I must have missed the mention!!

M: Besides all the nuts and bolts, I think the data visualization is absolutely fascinating. And I love love LOVE the idea of an interactive database that is living and updating as we create. It makes it a much better and easier experience to browse through our catalogue and find things that interest them. Even as a living graph, it’s data that we can track and use and people can view. I think the idea of data that is instantly visually understandable is really exciting. Especially because we have to much raw material to use…

c: Pretty sure Ruby looooooooooooves the data vis project as it means she doesn’t have to edit that forum topic any more.


c: Other potential topics for data visualization (that I’ve thought of, but there are so many) are the ideas/themes that are listed in each episode’s title… I’d FREAKIN’ LOVE to see the correlations, cross-connections, etc from that. And then we might try doing the capter titles… or even all the themes in each chapter…

M: Whenever we get more things through the data visualization, it would be really interesting to do an episode analyzing the correlations. Do we know anyone who is a data analyst who is also interested in movement?

c: visual;dslsxdjdhjm nhjhnmdfmdfs,h gtion :smiley: you ever see nerds write “i18n” ??

I N T E R N A T I O N A L I Z A T I O N ppl who have to internationalize (convert language in software that the users see, into 250 languages. Go!) get a leeeeeetle sick of typing internationalization all day. So they just type i18n (there are 18 chars between i and n) doh.

c: geek shoots! GOAL. anyway.

M: Do you one better. Data visualization is now DV. Done

c: Yeah, I was soooo trying to figure out how to get an ‘m’ in it… so we have a ton of discussion about the dmv. (in a positive context… I LOVE the dmv… omg the dmv it totes amazeballs… and so on.)

R: oh brother

M: …. You’re a bad person.

c: ¿ …where art thou ??! no? NO?? it’s a movie reference… oh brother george clooney (that’s how my brain works… Ruby wrote “oh brother” and my brain went . . . )

c: favorite type of comedy??? The type where i have to FSKING EXPLAIN IT.

R: …….

c: that’s another joke. “fsck” is a thing, unix fsck …and if you’re fsck’ing it’s bad. Maybe if I have more caffeine this will get better? (definition of addiction: You can spell caffeine right off the bat.)

M: Or if Ruby and I could code…? Eh, probably still be bad.



10 kinds of people in this world. . . . .

. . . those who can count in binary, and those who can’t.

M: I’ll give you that one, it was funny XD

c: or people who can add 3 to a baker’s dozen and get A, right answer. (jeopardy theme music) oh shit, that doesn’t work. the right answer is F. I get an F on that joke. It would work if I wrote it as.

c: or people who can subtract 2 from a bakers dozen and get a right answer. (derp.)

c: n/m. Moving in.

What else / Cool instagrams?

M: Don’t get me started on instagram this week. Some kerfluffles in the parkour world. -_-

c: so, Melissa, anything cool on instagram this week??

c: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw

c: and, (said quietly) “yes please”

M: I saaaawwww

R: nice beefy tic-tac:

R: My internet connection just went? Ohh ok I’m back

Craig have you seen this crack climb?