Kindness changes what interests the mind

My practice sessions usually generate a significant feeling of warmth towards others. This warmth doesn’t stay prominent throughout the day, but it does seem to lie closer to the surface, and emerges more often.

One-on-one interactions, even transactional ones, feel like they matter more. Moments at grocery tills and coffee counters unfold less by rote and more by feel, as though each one is a unique event.

Experiences among crowds—driving, grocery shopping, queuing in a shop, having lunch at a restaurant—feel more collaborative and less competitive. Even passing strangers on the sidewalk comes with a bit of an “us” feeling.

~ David Cain from,

Anyone else struggle with being kind to oneself? (I sure do!)

I don’t do every day what Cain is suggesting—not even close. But I find that when I do try to mentally project goodwill toward others, there’s a diffuse effect on my general perception and assessment of myself.