Help me spread understanding and compassion

Hi, Craig here :slight_smile:

Through a combination of hard work and luck I’ve gotten inside access to the brilliant minds and lives of people all over the world. Since 2015 I’ve tried to show respect and humility by giving back and sharing conversations through the Movers Mindset project. I’ve already been able to talk with over one hundred people, and have shared those conversations with thousands.

I have a lot more work to do, but I need help. If you are able, I would be honored if you could contribute by supporting the Movers Mindset project on Patreon.

…and I completely understand if that’s not feasible for you. If you want to help me in another way, simply go start a conversation with someone. Even better, start a conversation with someone you don’t already know. Ask questions. Practice listening. Repeat.

My personal mission is creating better conversations to spread understanding and compassion. And Movers Mindset is one of the things I do in service of my mission. Drop by for my weekly email, my other podcasts, writing and more.


Hi Craig, Carole Blueweiss here. I wonder how I see “private content” on movers mindset which is what I rhink I “joined” as supporter when i signed up for wisdom shared interview.

Thanks Carole

I think there’s some confusion. I’ll try to unpack…

Movers Mindset doesn’t have any private content. Everything that we (it’s not just me) create for Movers Mindset is completely free and available. You’ve responded to an email, which was sent automatically from the Movers Mindset Forum — You have a login on that Forum (and thus it automatically notified you of my newest post), and the Movers Mindset Forum is completely free. There is also a [rather enormous] Movers Mindset podcast; 5 years running 100+ episodes, and mostly they are long-form (1.5hrs or more) conversations where I talk about movement. You have not been on (as a guest) the Movers Mindset podcast. Movers Mindset does have a way for people to contribute money, but that’s set up through Patreon. (And you haven’t committed to being a patron through Patreon — I’m not passively-aggresively suggesting you do so, just being clear.)

The Podcaster Community is a completely separate project and everything about it is different from how Movers Mindset is set up. The Podcaster Community Forum is free to join, but there is a voluntary supporting membership too (which you HAVE paid for— thank you very much! :slight_smile: In the Podcaster Community, there isn’t really “private content” — things that I create or write or publish that only paying members can see. But there is a supporting-members only category where we have a private space for the supports [such as yourself]. There are also a few perks for people who become supporting members—the ability to post in a few categories where the “free” members cannot post, and some other things. I’ll send you another message—a Discourse dm, like this message, but I’ll send it in the Podcaster Community Forum—in a few minutes with links to these supporting-members benefits.

Zooming out: Thank you [seriously!] for asking. :smiley: