Hello Movers Mindset, glad to be here!

Matthew Word Bain here, excited to learn more about what movement means to all of you.

I am moving more these days, but still not as much as I’d like to be. Walking has made up most of my movement recently, but I am endlessly inspired by Parkour, fascinated by many forms of dance, and increasingly curious about the intersection of movement and healing, and the intersection of movement and psychoactive space (a la Clean Space).


Hey Matthew, fun to see you hear! I looked up clean space and didn’t se anything about

can you tell us more about that?

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Hi Catherine -

I’ll try to get back and say more about my own interest in this when I have more time next week, but in the interim, here is a direct link to an article by James Lawley on the same site, “When Where Matters: How Psychoactive Space is Created and Utilised.”

Have a great weekend!

~ Matthew

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Oh my Matthew, that was deep.

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