Hello, I'm Craig Constantine

The short introduction

My vision is a world where everyone can flourish. My mission is creating better conversations to spread understanding and compassion. Will you join me? https://constantine.name/

Other places to learn more about me…

You can find me more prominently appearing in some specific Movers Mindset episodes:
25. Podcast origin, Movers Mindset past, present, and future
43. Philosophy, value, and mastery
50. Movers Mindset Team: Roles, remote work, and passion
55. Three words origin and purpose
68. Craig Constantine: Beyond podcasting, community, and why

…and I’ve also been in another podcast:
Productivity Heaven, with Jey Jeyendran, who shares wisdom from guests who know how to consistently ship great work. Where I appeared in his first episode titled, Craig Constantine and the Art of the Podcast.

Finally, you can find everything by me on the Movers Mindset public site from the archive page for Craig Constantine.

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