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@Darin, you’re replying to emails, which posts in Discourse :slight_smile:

It hadn’t occurred to me to wonder what it would send in email… can you send a screenshot?

If you look at the topic in the Forum, it dynamically generates the view (the podcast listing). It’s part of a dynamic data visualization I’m building . . .

You can toggle “reply to topic via email” option in Discourse settings iirc.

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I’ve no problem with reply-to-via-email being on, I was just pointing it out.

That screenshot makes an interesting point, which I have to think about: What should it do with that “/vmm” goop when it emails people? When that’s included in a topic, and you view it here in the forum… then it’s replaced with content generated from the data visualization system…

It would be cool if I can make Discourse replace it with something that explains what’s missing… something like “this content cannot be displayed in email messages” or something that would at least give you a hint that it’s not broken, it just doesn’t work when it’s displayed in your email client.

…more thinking needed here. Clearly.

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I also have to clean up what’s happening in the previews of topics. This probably also happens in one-boxing previews… but I’ve not tried that yet. (This is all very bleeding edge.)

ditto, just pointing it out. Methinks (I love it when I get the opportunity to use that word) that the Discourse meta community could help. https://meta.discourse.org/ They are wonderful.

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They have tag just for email too.

I’ll ask, but it’s a long slog with this. :slight_smile:

No one has ever gotten anything like this working in Discourse. The datavis content is generated by a separate system (web server with its own database backend) and the pages are built on the fly.

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This is fixed :slight_smile:

Thanks for the original “what the?!” shout out @Darin!

…now we’ll see a tidy (Interactive content will replace this message when viewed in the Forum.) in places where the interactive bit doesn’t work. So in email notices from Discourse about new topics, at least you can tell that you need to click over to the Forum, rather than something broke and barfed data into the email message.

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