Exploring the Movers Mindset project

I’ve finally finished an entirely-new way of exploring everything about the Movers Mindset project.

I’ve previously described, in "3 words…" visualized, how we initially collected the answers to the 3-words question, and then went on to construct an initial idea of what we might do with those answers.

New tool

This new Movers Mindset exploration tool looks at a lot more than just the guests’ answers to the 3-words question. You can explore different “facets” — People, Podcast episodes, 3-words answers, big ideas, and more.

We can even capture the interesting perspectives we discover, and embed them as a live view in a topic here on the Forum. As we add data, what’s shown in the saved view updates automatically.

For example, List of Movers Mindset Podcast Episodes has an embedded view that shows all of the podcast episodes. It’s a particular “perspective” into the Movers Mindset project. What’s shown in that topic is a live view — as we add episodes, it updates automatically.


You can explore on your own by experimenting with this interactive view. The upper portion is a complex set of controls that lets you combine and filter the different parts of the Movers Mindset project. As you create and refine the perspective the resulting information is displayed in the lower section.

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I’ll admit, this explorer tool is so insanely complicated that it’s hard to understand what it’s really doing. The one above is a dynamic tool that lets you, well, explore.

But over on 3-words Reimagined I’ve embedded a particular perspective. The perspective is fixed, but the data shown is a live view of the project.