Explore Parkour and Finding Flow Part 1 : Macro-Transitions

Hey all, just wanted to share a project I’m working on called Explore Parkour. Essentially it’s aim is to be the resource I wish I had when I began training/teaching. It’s still in it’s beginning stages but my friend Pedro Bessa, my wife Selen and I have been working on it for a long while now and if this seems up your alley we’d love for you to give it a look! We’ve also just finished our first concept article so you can get an idea of the kind of content we are looking to release. Hope you enjoy it and we would appreciate some feedback! It’s my first time doing any kind of web formatting/developing so I’m sure there is a lot to improve but hopefully the message gets across.

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Nice @jereme! You clearly put a lot of work into organizing and breaking-down the topic. Skimmed, and marked for later reading :smiley: