Episode 100, season 5, and episode numbering


Craig Constantine: Experience, pruning, and benefit is the one-hundredth episode of the Movers Mindset podcast.

Season 5

Depending on where you listen, and what software you’re using, you may not be seeing the season numbers. Instead of making this episode be the end of season 4, I decided—at the literal last-second as I was hovering on the “publish” button—to make it be the beginning of season 5. I feel that conveys what’s really going on with Movers Mindset. The next conversations to be recorded are in the works, etc.

Episode numbers in our titles

Our titles will no longer start with the episode number. Seems like a trivial change, right? It is only a few characters, sure, but like “this episode begins season 5, rather than ends season 4,” it’s the right thing to do.

If you’re talking to me, in real life, and we get onto the topic of some person or episode… the important thing is not that “it’s episode 63.” The important thing is the person in the conversation. (The guest I mean. I’m continuously trying to squirm into the back seat.) Here’s a list of the last ten episodes to show you what I mean:

Based on what you see above, what’s the LEAST important thing from each of those lines? It’s the rightmost bits. Let’s trim off the 3 themes—“Mountaineering, values, and growth” is less important than “John Beede”, and so on . . .

You see where I’m going with this? Hierarchy implies that, “John Beede” is less important than . . .


So you’re saying, “Craig, obviously the least important bit is the episode number.”


People, themes, 3-words

As soon as I write this . . .

You start to think…

  • make is scrollable
  • make it searchable
  • let me navigate through titles, people, themes (the list just above)…
  • but also navigate through 3-words (you can do this already),
  • …and the chapter titles
  • …and maybe some other things too.

All of which is doable. But it takes time and money. (Reminder: please support us on https://patreon.com/moversmindset )

So, as trivial as it seems, removing the episode numbers is just the next step in making my focus be on the people and themes of the podcast. :slight_smile:


Episode numbers—everywhere I see them—look gaudy to me.


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Dear Craig, I completely agree with your logic.

I also completely disagree. LOL Here’s my thoughts, feel free to disregard:

I’ll be keeping numbers b/c they’re easy to refer to. “That thing - yes that’s in # 65”. vs. that thing we’re talking about - lets see - that was with john beede…. you can scroll down down down looking for his name - ah yes, there he finally is. numbers are easy. i will be keeping them for ease for myself and my guest. for now. Lol. maybe change later!

my second reason i disagree: If i’m not in the habit of listening to every single episode, i’ll decide based on the topic. ah - mountaineering? definitely listening to that one. all these other names - if i don’t recognize them, i might pass. if i see a keyword i’m interested in, i’ll listen.

keep up the great work! I’m always interested in what you do and why you do it.


We’re keeping the short URLs… moversmindset.com/100 still gets you to where you need to go.

…but why scroll a list? Just search for “beede” [as an example] if you can remember the name, or search for “mountaineer” … this forum (aside: have a keyboard, press “?” and be surprised) and all the podcast players, web sites, etc… all support text search.

But, more to your point: There’s a lot of room here to argue both sides.