Across versus down

This blog post—in particular the question, “What have you done with what you’ve learned?”—kicked off a train of thought about what I’ve been trying to do for 5 years with Movers Mindset.

I’ve long thought about teaching as a vertical arrangement, which is a pretty obvious way to think about it. I’ve very intentionally not wanted to be in that position. Partly because good teachers don’t actually operate from the top-down position. But mostly because my getting anywhere near the top of the top-down arrangement feeds my ego. Recently I’ve become aware that Movers Mindset has always been an expression of my quest to share. Simply to share, and not to teach.

Do you feel there’s any distinction between sharing and teaching (or “coaching” if you prefer that word)?


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Super interesting question. In a perfect arrangement I’d like to have the idea of a teacher be one who shares and puts themselves on level ground with the ones they teach but my mind doesn’t think of it that way. I see sharing as a slightly more reciprocal exchange than teaching in which the feedback loop and investment for both parties may potentially be less. That being said I think the best days I’ve had teaching always had way more of an equal transmission of skills/ideas/stories/effort/etc. and less class management/babysitting. This is how I kind of delineate the two I suppose.


Sharing and teaching fall together in my mind. A teacher feels more about putting an individual on a high pedestal because of their experience and knowledge and it kind of removes them from the students or learners level.

Sharing puts both participants on the same level and feels more kinetic. This was something I struggled with when I coached the kids because I never wanted to be this indestructible all knowing coach who has all the answers and hides their weaknesses. We learn just as much from the student as they do from us. Only thing that separates us is time and practice.

I wanted to add something more but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was xD


There’s a lot of wisdom right there. Definitely something that took me many years to let it soak into my bones.


Definitely a feeling to aspire to in daily life.