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About this category

This category contains my personal writing and posts.

This category is public so anyone can read these topics, including the replies posted by community members. If you want to comment or interact, you need to be a community member.

You may also be interested in my personal blog.

Why and how to have your own category

Since a lot of people find my category, I’ve included information about how to get a category like this for your own writing…


The Movers Mindset project has always been about sharing ideas. The “blog” categories here in the community, enable the community members to easily publish their own writing.

Without lock-in

It’s important to realize that it is trivial for you to extract everything you’ve written here. There’s a detailed post on how to download everything you’ve written. If you are a community member—you have to be one in order to post—it’s a few clicks to get a download of all of your posts.

You can even create PDFs of your topics which will include others’ replies and any links posted in your topics will function from the PDF. It’s not quite as easy as save-as-PDF or print-to-PDF because this site uses a lot of JavaScript. But it’s easy enough to do with the Chrome browser. If you’re a community member, we have a detailed explanation of how to save a topic to PDF.


We invite any community members to set up their own dedicated category. You can have one just for you—meaning only you can post topics in it. You can also group together with other community members to work in one category. For example, you might want a dedicated category for your in-real-life community where a few of your community leaders—or all of your community members—can post topics.


As a community member, you’ll be using the same system, (Discourse is the software that powers this web site,) to interact with the community as well as to publish your writing. The Movers Mindset team are here to help you.


If you’re a community member, it’s easy, just ask us and we’ll get you set up.