"3 words…" visualized

Collecting answers

Way back on episode 1, I started asking for “three words to describe your practice.” It didn’t take long before I realized how powerful that question was, and by episode 070. Craig Constantine: Discovery, reflection, and efficacy we had unpacked a lot.

Along the way everyone on the team had countless discussions about what to do with all the answers. There were several common answers that surprised us, and some that were to be expected. But not knowing what to do with the information we were collecting, we simply kept collecting it.

Then in June of 2020 we decided we had to do something; We had to find some way to share what we were seeing across all the answers. We created an enormous post here in the forum, Index of guests’ “three words” and began compiling some analysis by hand. Every episode, one of us would go in and painstakingly update that topic. We stopped updating that topic with episode 87, but it’s still pretty interesting.

First data visualization

I say “first” because we already have a bunch of ideas for more views into the data. Views into the 3-words answers, but also into other aspects of the podcast.

Two final notes before we dive in: This is a live view into the real data and it updates as we add episodes. Second we’ll be adding this visualization to each of the episodes’ topics. (They’re all here on the Forum tagged podcast-episodes.)

3-words visualized

Here’s an interactive (the circles and words are links to change what’s shown) look at the answers:

(Interactive content will replace this message when viewed in the Forum.)

Lots more to do

This is a pretty clunky-looking first idea. We’ve a lot to fix. (I won’t bother listing things, because it’s live… as we fix it, you won’t see the problems.)

What I’m most interested in is: What do you see that is interesting? What would you like to learn more about? …or would like to be able to dig into more?


Internet geekery: I’ve managed to remove the IFRAME gymnastics. So the visualization is directly inline. Clicking on an episode title will navigate you to that episode’s Topic, and clicking on the visualization elements (episode numbers in left column or words in the right column) will simply update the view being shown.

I think this is pretty cool. And it’s just the prototype view. :)

…and this entire First idea—the circles and lines visualizing the guests’ answers to the 3-words question

This entire First idea is being replace by an entirely new Movers Mindset project explorer. The explorer tool is described more in Exploring the Movers Mindset project

…and, as an example, here’s a list of 3-words answers from the explorer, see 3-words Reimagined.