078. Tuline Kinaci: Tantra, authenticity, and eye contact

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Tuline (250)

Tuline Kinaci openly discusses her experiences with tantra, explaining what it is, what it means to her, and how it relates to her goals with Lovecraft Collective. She shares her thoughts on the power of eye contact, radical honesty, and interpersonal communication. Tuline delves into her love of climbing, her relationship with movement, sexuality, and how the two are connected.


Sting and linen pants… What is it? Weaving light and sound with form - visualizations, chants, and physical body. Looks like meditating, and/or sex. But what does that actually mean?? Tantra interest from pursuing orgasms, found a book about it, eventually found a coach. Found her passion helping and healing people with sex, positive experiences, Fully embodied experiences in everything, not just sex. Lovecraft Collective; collective of all the people involved, creating connection and harmony; technically professional, in terms of money and exchange. Coaching with couples, individuals of all genders etc. Goal of being embodied, a pleasure practice. Verbiage around sexuality; Energy, what you’re into, all sexual and gender identities. Tantra as a balancing practice with the negative that life throws at you


What is your ‘superpower’? Ask her friends; What she likes most about herself is her comforting and unabashed ability to bring authenticity and openness into each situation she’s in. Unafraid to share about herself.

Eye contact and radical honesty

Tantra camp, microcosmic orbit, lost in “void;” swirling dark colors, lost in eye contact. Holding eye contact, and the power it has. Intimacy, humans have an innate ability to detect eye contact, stories of eye contact connection. Deep brain, which eye to look at, back and forth, third eye. Eye contact for being seen, celebrating someone, completely changing the mood, conveying emotion. Radical honesty, eye contact acknowledging humanity. Kids say the darndest things, how we discuss or phrase certain things. The biological effects of stress, and relieving stress.


Parkour history, Parkour Visions. Climbing tangent… climbing trad, where to climb, climbing stories, building up to actually climb. Sport climbing vs. Traditional climbing, safety equipment, how they work. Climbing Red River Gorge, stories of climbing. Tuline’s experiences of climbing, imposter syndrome. Leading and following, climbing with your romantic partner and how it changes the situation. Safety, falling, fear, masochism in climbing and kink, naked climbing, texture, nature. Liking the movement and feeling of climbing. Hand and foot jams

Movement story

Parkour befriending Caitlin Pontrella and Brandee Laird, without knowing who they were in the parkour community. Discussion of pedestals and relationships. Parkour vision, life changing. Story of using parkour to entertain her nieces and nephews, superhero practice. Magic of changing mindset.

Interpersonal communication, eye contact and intimacy

Enjoying the microphone, exhibitionist conversation, being in someone’s head. Beatboxing and free-styling interlude. Disorders, ADD, DSM, coping mechanisms, understanding them and accepting them to regain agency. Microphone meta thoughts; ears are connected to an old part of your brain, intimacy, awkwardness, personal space. Headphones in other practices, sacred spaces, power of eye contact in relationships. Seeing and being present with another person, compassion vs a place of power in the gaze.

Identity, movement, and sexuality

Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, growing up in San Fransisco, gayness as a normal part of life. Moving away and then coming back, being able to realize her own identity and sexuality. Movement and sexuality, kink… everything is sexual. The idea of “I could never do that” - what that means to different people in different contexts. Finding a starting place, trying things, finding unknown biases, finding and learning new things.

Someone you admire

Mom; grandfather’s passing, family disfunction; who was taking care of what, etc. Mom taking everything on, and handling it on a timeline, making her family priority.

Everything is sexual

Polyamory, dangerous ideas… openness about sexual nature of life, understanding and communicating their limits. For Tuline, falling in love with friends, and the need to discuss it and communicate what is going on. Addressing situations honestly and with a matter-of-fact attitude to lead to better understanding.

3 words

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Craig: So, I’ll just throw it at you and see It’s… And, of course, the final question: three words to describe your practice.

Tuline Kinaci: Inconsistent yet persistent.

Further info

To get in touch with or learn more about Tuline and her work, visit her website, Lovecraft Collective.