077. Craig Constantine: End of season 3, 2019 recap, and looking ahead

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Craig reflects on 2019, thanking the team, and the people who have helped along the way. He recaps what Movers Mindset accomplished in 2019; the podcast being just one area of focus. He shares some plans and hints for what’s coming for 2020 and in season 4.


Hello it’s Craig.

Welcome to the Movers Mindset podcast.

As 2019 draws to a close, this episode wraps up our third season. I want to take a few minutes to say thank you, to recap what we’ve accomplished, and to give you a glimpse at what’s coming for 2020.

First, I want to express my deep gratitude to seven people—in alphabetically order because otherwise how could I possibly figure out who to thank first—to Andrew Kristen Melissa Miguel Ruby Stacy and Tracy …thank you. This would be impossible without you.

If you, dear listener, know who any of those people are, please take a moment to say thank you to them for their sometimes invisible, widely varied, and frequently Herculean efforts.

A year ago in January, I started unveiling to the team my vision for the podcast for 2019. By mid-February a ton of work was underway, and on the first Wednesday of March, we kicked off season 3 wondering just how far we’d get.

Recording in person is one of the things I love most about doing interviews for the podcast. Nothing comes close to being face-to-face. This whole thing started because I just wanted to have cool conversations with people. To make that happen for season 3, we traveled to 6 states, the District of Columbia, and England, traveling in planes, trains, and automobiles. In 10 months we traveled over 20,000 miles, visiting people’s homes, crashing on floors, and setting up interviews in AirBNBs and VRBOs.

This was our first season with regular, weekly episodes, every Wednesday, for 43 weeks. We managed to put out 48 episodes in those 43 weeks. 42 interviews with 40 different people, plus 6 extra episodes with just me. We had two interviews with three guests at once, and our first four-part series produced from 5 separate interviews. A couple more two-guest episodes, and our first married couple. In all, it would take you more than three days to binge-listen to the entire season.

We also returned to the North American Art of Retreat where we did more than twenty interviews in just two days. Be on the lookout for those interviews in 2020 as Art of Retreat releases them in their own podcast on castbox.fm .

These past 10 months have also seen us publish an immense amount of content on our website. We added 350 posts of written content and transcripts, and another 300 posts with audio clips, images of the guests’ three-words, and their best quotes. All of which brings the website to over 1,100 posts and almost three-quarters of a million words. …and that’s just in English. A lot of our content is also available in French and Italian.

The Movers Mindset community continues to grow. We’ve started hosting discussion panel videos, publishing follow-ups with the podcast guests, and publishing answers to questions we’ve posed to various athletes. I’ve begun writing a series of posts from behind-the-scenes of the podcast sharing stories about the people and places, and some lessons I’ve learned so far from three years of interviews.

So, enough with the victory lap.

What’s in store for 2020?

Season 4 will start in March. We’re taking January and February off from publishing podcast episodes so we can try to catch up on everything else. We are still 7 episodes behind on publishing to the website, and our Instagram account is scheduled with a backlog of two posts every day through the end of February… and there are no repeated posts.

We recently conducted a survey asking everyone to share their thoughts and suggestions. There’s a bunch of feedback for us to digest and I’ll be writing some posts in the coming weeks to talk about our plans in response to what we’ve heard.

So while we shovel through our backlog of work, you can catch up on our episodes, or maybe listen again to some of your favorites. And please consider visiting our website, joining our email list, or reading more about the Movers Mindset community.

To learn more about anything I’ve mentioned, head to movers mindset.com or just ask us anything, anywhere at any time.

Finally, until next time, thank you for listening.

This was episode 77. For more info, go to moversmindset.com/77. If you’re interested in discussing your favorite podcast episode, or you want to learn more about guests and other athletes, consider joining the Movers Mindset community. Go to moversmindset.com/community to learn more. And I’ll leave you with a final thought from Ernest Hemingway “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”

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