076. US Parkour Association (part 4 of 4): Competition, certification, and a request

Episode summary

USPK MM image with logo v2 part 4 (250)

In the final episode about the US Parkour Association, the board discusses USPK’s stance and role within competition. They share their ideas around coaching certifications, whether the board will create one, and what it will mean for existing certifications. The board address the Federation of International Gymnastics, and share what each of us can do to help parkour.


(Caitlin) Neutral stance; not about regulation, but about safety of athletes, structures, and other pieces of competitions. (Amos) Neutral; voice of the community, and the community consists of both sides. Personal opinion of competition, but his opinion isn’t the point. Representing the community. (Blake) Creating a standard rather than advocating for or against competition. Competitions will go on, either way. (Frosti) Acknowledging competition exists, and listening to the community’s feedback on it. Making sure the spectrum of opinion is represented, without trying to control the role of competition. The community needs to be engaged in this conversation before others who aren’t in our community make decisions without us.

Coaching certifications

(Caitlin) Not creating a USPK certification; instead creating a standard of best practice. Being developed by a committee, and will be built on by community. (Mark) USPK’s role in certification; making sure existing certs are trustworthy and best practice. Differing opinions among the board give USPK strength, helps bring many perspectives to the table. Different flavors of parkour should all feel welcome at the table. (Amos) Creating standards to help give legitimacy, and to collect collective knowldge, help prevent mistakes from being re-made. The real magic is coming together, working together, to elevate parkour as a whole. (Frosti) Differing beliefs around coaching, that should all be respected. Different programs with different focuses, not dictating one as the best, but allowing people to choose from many that fit within a standard of safety and best practice.

Federation of International Gymnastics (FIG)

(Frosti) Considering what we believe in, and how we can best support that. An outside entity can never understand parkour the way the community does; Our goal is to support and grow our own community.

Biggest ask

(Amos) Do your research before spreading information. Find out the facts, discussing and disagreeing in a useful manner. Be well informed to help push our community forward. (Mark) Personal Plea: Join USPK, guide it, share your voice. Give direction to how we grow.