073. US Parkour Association (part 3 of 4): Funding model, membership voices, and next steps

Episode summary

In this third episode in the series, the Board shares USPK’s funding model and where the money is coming from. They explain Committees and Special Interest Groups, the difference between the two, and their role in the organization. The board also discusses the importance of USPK, even for people who don’t feel parkour needs governing, and how to get involved and have your voice heard.

Funding model

(Frosti) Non-profit, not a money making venture. Paying for your own future, (Caitlin): Non-profit, funded by members, making budget and tax returns available (Blake): Non-profit. Goal of transparency, members know what and why things are happening.

Special interest groups (SIGs) and Committees

(Mark) Commitees set up by Board, but can be petitioned for by membership. Committees meant to solve a problem of the organization, have a specific purpose, and has a term upon which it must be renewed. Making sure it’s serving a specific need. SIGs are started by the membership, and can be whatever the members want. Still needs to be approved, but alway would be as long as it aligns with core values. Competition vs Non-competition SIGs, wanting all voices and perspective represented. (Amos) SIG explanation; Giving voice, impacting the direction of the organization. Allows people to combat things they don’t believe in. (Caitlin) SIGs, community driven, can be regional or around concerns. About working together better. (Blake) Explaining difference between SIGs and Committees. SIGs connecting people, vested interest, handling finances. Committees bringing up ideas for voting and on a larger scale. (Frosti) Committees as some of the larger national issues, SIGs as community effort based on the communities concerns and ideas.

What about the people who don’t care

(Frosti) You don’t care until you care, so get involved now to while protect what you like. (Mark) USPK as a way to protect ourselves in light of much larger scale legal and political battles. (Caitlin) Parkour being led by community members (Amos) Even if you only train outside, on your own… no one is an island. You may be affected whether you realize it or not.

Next steps

(Blake) Membership, join and get involved. Grassroots, common spirit of effort. Sunrise period explanation, full powers of membership, getting things going. (Frosti) Individual vs community direction and interests, growing membership, collecting people’s opinions etc.

Biggest ask

(Mark) Keeping parkour protected, asking everyone to step up and not assume that someone else will. Showing that you care.

Contact and further info

To learn more about the United States Parkour Association, or to get in touch with the Board directly, you can visit their website (uspk.org). To find out more about the individual board members, you can visit the USPK about page. If you are interested in joining USPK as a member, follow this link to sign up.

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