071. US Parkour Association (part 2 of 4): National governing bodies, Board of Directors, and getting involved

Episode summary

In this second episode, each of the board members explain what a national governing body is, what it does, why it’s important, and their specific vision for how USPK will work. They discuss USPK’s Board of Directors, who currently sits on it, and how it will function as the organization grows. They also delve into who USPK is meant to serve, who should join the organization, and how to do that.

National Governing Body

What is an NGB, what does it do, and why do we need it? (Mark) Stewarding parkour, what it is, and the direction it grows in. Generally protecting everyone’s interests, creating guidelines, giving a voice to all. Spokespeople, representing the community to the larger world. (Blake) Helps give legitimacy, advocacy, networking, expanding access to these benefits. (Frosti) Representing parkour practitioners, creating connection, sharing and giving back to the community. (Amos) As the community is growing, it needs structure, protection, safety, building standards. Preserving the spirit and ideals of parkour, and representing it well, giving the parkour community a voice. Ultimately to serve the community, so what do we want to do?

Organization Structure

How does it work, how is it run? (Caitlin) Non-profit, run by the members and a board of directors.

The Board of Directors

Who is on the board, how are they chosen, what is their role? (Frosti) Mark Toorock, Amos Rendao, Blake Evitt, Caitlin Pontrella, and Frosti. (Caitlin) Small board, but very active community participants. Trying to learn what the community wants. (Blake) Elected, chosen from within the membership. Fair access and transparency in voting methods. Current board is transitional; set up, and will pass on to whoever is elected. (Mark) The organization’s structure and goals dictate what the board may do. The board is there to do what the members decide.

Who should join?

(Caitlin) Everyone with any interest in parkour; practitioners, business owners, student’s parents, as many perspectives as possible.(Mark) Everyone; people need to have a voice, help guide growth, even if you think you’re not interested. Ultimate goal of sharing parkour, so spreading it as far as possible, with as many people as possible from various walks of life. Even, and especially people who are opposed to USPK; they should have a voice, too. (Amos) Anyone who cares about the future of parkour; practitioners, parents… Come together, pool resources, becoming a part of something larger. (Blake) Goal is everyone getting involved, no matter their level of involvement. Everyone can help be a steward, want everyone’s opinion, to be accessible to everyone.

What can YOU do?

(Caitlin) Become a member! Get involved, start connecting and communicating what you want USPK to do. Join the conversation or learn more at http://www.uspk.org

Contact and further info

To learn more about the United States Parkour Association, or to get in touch with the Board directly, you can visit their website (uspk.org). To find out more about the individual board members, you can visit the USPK about page. If you are interested in joining USPK as a member, follow this link to sign up.