068. Craig Constantine: Beyond podcasting, community, and why

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Craig goes beyond podcasting to unpack another piece of the Movers Mindset project; the Community. He discusses the elements that a community requires in order to be successful, and why we don’t always succeed when creating community online. Craig explains the Movers Mindset community’s purpose, and what you’ll find inside the community.


Hey, it’s craig. welcome to the movers mindset podcast. Today it’s just me.

dont worry we’ll be back on Wednesday with another interview. This episode is an extra.

Today I want to talk about the movers mindset project… the movers mindset community in particular. I’ve been slowly writing more about the project— the origin of the three words question, for example… and if you’re on our email list, you’ll have seen that.

But The Movers Mindset project is really challenging for me. I have a large number of pieces in place. I’ve discovered many different interesting questions to explore, and I’m well on my way to digging in to find some answers. I’ve created something which I wish I could have found many years ago, early on in my journey.

…And yet, I haven’t found many people who see value in the project. Everyone likes the podcast, but that’s as far as I can seem to be able to get the idea to go.

So today I want to talk about some of the “why” behind the movers mindset community.

About 15 years ago, I was well into my person journey of completely overhauling my life. Which, by the way ive written a lot about on my personal blog. the first two keys for my journey were becoming self-aware, and starting to apply some self-assessment. Years later, i now prefer to use the words discovery and reflection. There’s another of these extra episodes coming about the three words I’ve chosen for the movers mindset project as a whole. The first two words are discovery and reflection.

To be honest, I didn’t understand all of the following when I started this project, but this is what I see today:

Why? Because I want an online space where I can be part of community.

The internet is arguably the greatest invention ever. It’s far easier to create an online community of people than it is to go visiting cities and towns until I find it, and then move there.

But what is a community? Here are four components which I think are necessary:


this is the feeling of belonging, or of sharing a sense of personal relatedness. These are the people in the community. I am among these people.


this is about mattering, my making a difference to a group, and the group mattering to me.


this is about the integration and fulfillment of my needs, and my actions as a part of the group fulfilling others’ need.


this is the shared emotional connection between those of us in the group.

now my aim isn’t to diss the usual online social networks, but rather to point out what is that you are missing. I don’t mean you are missing it by not joining me in the movers mindset community— I mean, that thing which is missing from your life is that you’re missing deeper connections with other people. You are missing being part of a functional community, and I am suggesting that you might like to join a community of like-minded people who are passionate about movement.

If I’m wrong about you, just press stop and I’ll reappear in your ears Wednesday with another interview.

the movers mindset community is built on the Discourse platform— that’s the name of the software. it has a few features which are critical. It’s designed to be used with keyboards and big screen—yes it works on mobile and you can even reply to conversations via email… but it’s designed to give you physical and mental space to consider things, to read, to reread, to make some notes, to think, to look something up, to talk to someone … and to come back when you have time to write a reply. In fact, you can come back to, or discover, topics from years past; they’re exactly where you expect them to be. Discourse is nothing at all like a social network. It’s not a stream coming at you.

In our community I’m looking to discuss everything related to independence, self-direction and human excellence; I’ve started discussions on how to make the Internet work for you (rather than having it eat your face), how to turn your phone into a tool you use (rather than the dopamein dispenser you’re currently addicted to), thoughts about social networks, questions and answers about training from athletes, podcast-guest followups, and more.

If you’d like to join me, go to movers mindset . com / community


Could you post links to the discussions listed in the podcast? (Making the web work for you, phone more than a dopamine dispenser, etc.?)

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There are two tagged over here, https://forum.moversmindset.com/tags/internet-tech

And there’s a discussion with Dan Edwardes in, episode 60, I think it is… I need help :slight_smile: @melissa do we have the transcript from Dan and I talking about what I did to my phone? If not, I have a blog post about that too.

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We do have a transcript for Dan, I’ll link it. :slight_smile:

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To leave a trail for others, this topic is also related to EP68


Hi, Timothy! I have a few links for you. @craig mentioned his conversation with Dan Edwardes, where they discussed similar topics. That’s in episode 63, which you can find on our website with corresponding show notes. Here’s a link to the full transcript from that episode, as well.

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also @dan