067. US Parkour Association (part 1 of 4): Board members, introductions, and passion

The first in a four part series about the United States Parkour Association, the national governing body for parkour in America, this episode introduces each of the five members of the transition board. Each member discusses their background and why they are involved and passionate about USPK.

Caitlin Pontrella

Parkour Visions director; Architecture background, governance in that field. Gaining public trust, helping people to work with communities, not having to start from scratch. Collaboratively creating standards, optional participation. Legitimacy, trust, transparency both with parkour community and public. Her personal background; Movement Creative, Parks Department in NYC, Art of Retreat. Chosen to help with USPK due to Art of Retreat, uniquely independent/neutral position at the time.

Blake Evitt

Full time parkour, Parkour Generations Americas, Parkour Generations Boston. Lots of parkour travel; different parkour culture globally from US, speed of growth in US. American Rendezvous, creating a successful event, how it relates to building a national governing body. Creating connection, a network, sharing passion, experience, and goals.

Michael ‘Frosti-Fresh’ Zernow

Tempest Freerunning; Long time practitioner, seen parkour go through a lot of growth and change. Keeping the direction in the hands of the community. Early athlete, working with companies, gym owner. Unique point of view from behind the scenes, becoming a voice for the community, building connections with people outside of the sport. Huge growth of parkour, but still very young as a sport.

Mark Toorock

American Parkour; Corporate desk jobs, age, and experience… management experience. USPK more about managing parkour than parkour itself, guiding its direction. Working with Washington DC public schools, bringing parkour into physical education classes. Huge responsibility, representing parkour correctly, honestly. Performance background, adapting to things that go wrong, being able to solve problems, deliver anyway.

Amos Rendao

Apex movement, ParkourEDU. Changing need for the NGB, filling the existing void. Slow but natural growth, finally moving forward with it, small group of veteran leaders. Neutral standpoint, building a framework. Responsible approach to parkour, competition, and curriculum writing.

Contact and further info

To learn more about the United States Parkour Association, or to get in touch with the Board directly, you can visit their website (uspk.org). To find out more about the individual board members, you can visit the USPK about page. If you are interested in joining USPK as a member, follow this link to sign up.