064. Naomi Honey and Melissa Way: Women's experience, societal impact, and unsolicited advice

Episode summary


Naomi Honey and Melissa Way discuss the importance of women’s experience in parkour, what that means, and how society impacts it. They delve into the unicorn syndrome, the polarization of genders, and how community leaders can help get more women involved. Naomi and Melissa tackle why women’s only events are important, how to create a welcoming environment, and their experiences with unsolicited advice.

Women’s experience

What we mean by that, how it affects us and our communities. Giving voice to minority, to help learn about it and change it. What the ‘women’s experience’ looks like, how it’s different from men’s. Different pathways and progressions, different bodies, different experiences.

Body, capability, and differing barriers

How society teaches us to view our bodies, our relationship with our bodies. The differing emphasis on how we look, vs what we can do, especially between men and women. Societal expectations and how they differ between genders, representation and its effects. Commercialization polarizing genders, limiting and compartmentalizing roles. Viewing situations and people through our own lens, creating social boxes

Women in leadership

Value of having a balance of viewpoints represented in any realm. The importance of role models, how it affects others aspiring.

Women specific events

The issue of fairness, why they are important. Minority groups, encouraging training, having an ‘us.’ Events to create a connection point. Creating a welcoming space in any community, its importance, how to effectively do it.

Unsolicited advice

Is there an effective way to give it? Good, bad, ugly – It has the potential to be very helpful, or extremely unhelpful, but what makes that difference? Intention, mindset, timing – open-handed gift. Sensitivity to the situation, where is the focus. Coaching vs unsolicited advice – asking first, not unsolicited.

Final thoughts

Making a welcome space for minority groups of all kinds, helping anyone who wants to be involved involved.

Contact and further info

To get in touch with Naomi, you can visit her website, Flytality. If you have more questions, or want to continue this discussion further, feel free to reach out to us at team@moversmindset.com.