023. Stany Boulifard Mallet: Art du Déplacement, the Yamakasi, and motivation


Stany Boulifard Mallet sits down with Craig to discuss his Art du Déplacement (ADD) journey, his practice, and his relationship with the founders. He shares how he met the Yamakasi, and the impact that they have had on his training over the years. Stany also unpacks his thoughts on the motivation behind ADD and his own reasons for training.

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Every day… literally every day, I’m at my wits end trying to figure out how to make this project work… we have an awesome team—none of this would be possible without Kristen, Miguel, Melissa, and Ruby pouring their hearts into this…

But every day it’s like death from a thousand paper cuts. For each thing we figure out, it feels like two new problems crop up. Schedules, and technology, and audio, and coordinating guests, and web site publishing, and Discourse, and marketing, and instagram and facebook and on and on.

…but then the next episode comes out and I’m blow away.
…blown away by what Stany was able to share.
…blown away by how well Miguel and the team trimmed down my ramblings.
…blown away by how Stany and I managed to find two chairs and a table under the shade of a tree.

Mind blown.
Inspiration recharged.
Motivation clarified.

There are so many awesome interviews already in the pipeline. And the plans for 2019 are—if this is even conceivable—even cooler, more expansive…

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